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Dreamspinner Press
May 31st, 2013

Contemporary M/M
Reviewed by Dawn (
Obtained by Self-Purchase
4 Hearts

Brad Torrence has just one chance to get a story his editor doesn’t feel will bore the readers and save his job. A chance look into the classifieds has Brad thinking about a new story idea. After meeting Cory Wolfe and finding out his story of loss and grief over the loss of a child, Brad finds himself drawing closer to the young doctor, who charms him with his stories even as he loses his heart to him. But Brad finds a new story idea that causes him to be in the crosshairs of something so dangerous it just may cost Brad his life. Will these two find a way to defeat the odds and find their own happy ever after?

Andrew Grey is one author I know whenever I pick up one of his books, you are coming home to characters who feel more like family and stories that make your heart melt. Without a doubt, IN SEARCH OF A STORY is by far one of this author’s best books to date and that is saying much by this reviewer. I have been a fan since the moment I picked up one of his first books and fell in love with his unabashed writing style that conveys emotional connections as well as rich storylines and captivating yet real characters that take your breath away. He has a way of making you fall into the story, of caring about all the characters-good & bad-as well and keeping you on the edge of your seat with the twists and turns he gives the story. I have to admit, Cory and Brad, as well as their wonderful families are so well written, they could be your neighbors, your friends, the postman or others around you. They love, they grieve, fall in love and wrestle with the decisions life tosses at them even as they move along this thing we call life.

Meet Brad and Cory. Two people just bumping along when a stroke of luck has Brad meeting Cory for a story idea on grieving mothers and loss due to a child’s death. What he initially anticipates the story to be does a 360 turn when it turns out that Cory lost his child, one he never held but so greatly wanted due to an accident that left him reeling. Brad and Cory are so perfect for one another. Brad sympathizes with Cory over his loss, knowing how Cory feels due to his own experiences growing up and as the two men get closer, the reader finds themselves learning more about both guys and falling just a little bit more in love with them with each page that is turned. I will say you run the gauntlet of emotions-laughter, tears, fear, smiles and happiness are all part of the storyline and Mr. Grey does a wonderful job in conveying those emotions honestly. Who hasn’t gone through a loss like Cory’s or the pain you see in someone’s face/eyes as they deal with the grief? And the adage of Time heals all wounds is a perfect theme as Cory finds his heart rendering grief slowly easing as he falls more and more under Brad’s spell. The dynamics of both these guys’ families was a wonderful surprise and conveyed a bit of lightness to the story as well at times.

IN SEARCH OF A STORY is more than two people coming together and falling for one another, it is about connections-family and romance, about grief and how you can move away from it, it just takes time and love that can heal a wounded heart and soul. Mr. Grey delivers a story so poignant, emotional and well written, I just sat back in my chair and just laid my head down to calm my emotions. This is truly one of his best stories to date and one I had a hard time putting down.

If you enjoy a well written story full of complex yet enjoyable and relatable characters and a love that can heal as well as give you joy, then I highly recommend IN SEARCH OF A STORY and settle in for an afternoon of enjoyable reading. I just suggest you put the box of Kleenex nearby in case you need one or several.

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