Saturday, October 26, 2013

LET IT BE ME by Kate Noble

Berkley Sensation
April 2nd, 2013
Historical Romance
Mass Market Paperback
Reviewed by Dawn (
Obtained by Publisher

3.5 Hearts


Tired of being in her sister’s shadow and after her first season ends in disaster, Bridget escapes to Venice when a letter from the renowned Italian Composer, Carpenini, comes offering tutelage, Bridget leaps at the chance to study with him. Music calms her, soothes her wounded soul…until she finds out the letter she received is not even known to Campenini.

Oliver Merrick curses the impulsive decision to send the letter to Bridget but before he can explain and apologize, Carpenini orders Bridget away. Now Oliver will race against the clock to find Bridget because if he doesn’t, the bet his brother, Carpenini, made will cause more trouble than he knows. Can the solicitation of Bridget’s help to win the wager lead to something much more between Oliver and Bridget?

LET IT BE ME is a fun romantic story that will leave you quite satisfied after the last page is read. Ms. Noble delivers a story set amid the world of music and the lush background of Italy in her latest release. With a deft stroke of her hand, the author gives the reader a story to fall in love with, characters to root for and a romance that sweeps you off your feet.


Meet Bridget. She is discouraged after her first season ended in disaster and always felt like the ugly duckling next to her gorgeous sister. When the chance to study under famed Italian Composer, Carpenini, she jumps at it. I loved how Bridget was so excited at first over this once in a lifetime chance and her confusion as she finds it was a mistake. The interaction Bridget has between Oliver, his half-brother, Carpenini & herself are quite entertaining at times. Oliver has no talent but can see it in others. Carpenini is irritable, arrogant and brash. He is a perfect opposite to Oliver, in my opinion. The romance between Bridget and Oliver is very slow, taking the time for readers to fall in love with them as well as root for them. Beautiful and poetic, Ms. Noble delivers a soaring story to fall in love with. The characters are well written, multi-dimensional and you see the person underneath the public façade.

LET IT BE ME, in short, is a lovely tale of two people finding love in the least likely of ways. The connection between Bridget and Oliver is slow to build and quite entertaining to read. The characters were lively, passionate and loved music very much. The author does quite a bit of research which comes across within the pages superbly. The lush setting is quite a delight and captures the heart of Italy perfectly. With the brush of her keystrokes, Ms. Noble delivers a story you can get lost in and fall in love with. I look forward to seeing what else this author has in store for her readers next.


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