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THE RUIN OF A ROGUE by Miranda Neville

Book Two in the Wild Quartet Series
August 27th, 2013
Historical Romance
Mass Market Paperback
Reviewed by Dawn (
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3 Hearts


Anne Brotherton is so sick of fortune hunters trying to get her to marry them for control over her money. All she asks for is a man to love her for herself, her quick mind and kind heart rather than the dollar signs he spies when he looks at her. Making peace at being a spinster, she finds her life turned upside down in the charming Marcus Lithgow. Marcus wasn’t going to come back to England but after inheriting an estate that needs an infusion of money quick, he spies Anne and figures a wallflower such as her should be easy picking but he never anticipates Anne turning the tables on him and now Marcus will find himself in the crosshairs as they match wits and deception. Who will win is just the tip of the iceberg as Anne and Marcus find when love sneaks up on you.


THE RUIN OF A ROGUE is the latest in the Wicked Quartet series and one that I had a bit of trouble connecting to. The writing was smart, tight and kept the story flowing with a few twists that were a bit predictable yet enjoyable to read. I think what I had an issue was the hero, Marcus. He was portrayed as a worldly man and what he came across as a pussycat really. He wasn’t dastardly as the author wanted him to be and his whining about how he isn’t going to be his father had me wanting to smack him upside the head and tell him to grow up. He was just annoying me for most of the book. Anne on the other hand was a strong heroine that I really enjoyed. No simpering miss, Anne is and her strength was just one of the appealing attributes she had going for her. Between that and the author’s clever way of making Anne the one who fleeces Marcus had me smiling. She had a spine beneath it all and it came out when you least expected it to. The sparks fly between these two and I enjoyed seeing Marcus fall for Anne, even as he tried not to. The secondary characters were intriguing and I am eager to check out book one, The Importance of Being Wicked, as Caroline and Thomas show up in this second book in the series.


THE RUIN OF A ROGUE is a good book that satisfied my historical romance fix. Though I wished the author tightened up on her hero and made him a bit more well rounded, overall, it worked and the story was a satisfying read in the end. If you need a historical fix, then grab this latest in the Wicked Quartet series and settle in for an afternoon of reading entertainment.


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