Saturday, November 2, 2013

DARK LYCAN by Christine Feehan

Dark #24
Berkley Books, September 2013
Hardcover from publisher
ISBN:  0425268330 (ISBN13: 9780425268339)
Paranormal Romance

4 Hearts

The latest Christine Feehan Dark novel, DARK LYCAN, is a return to the Carpathian Mountains and a family reunion of sorts as the beloved Carpathians are threatened by a new enemy, a werewolf/vampire hybrid that is stronger, faster and harder to kill.

Tatijana of the Dragonseekers is finally free of her ice prison, where she has been trapped for centuries with her sister, and tormented.  Fenris Dalka hasn’t been around his kind in centuries.  Now he is returning home to the Carpathian Mountains to be with his brother.  He is drawn to Tatijana, but he has been changed and carries a deadly secret.

In DARK LYCAN, Christine Feehan has returned to what made her stories great, character driven, action-packed romance.  She has taken readers back to the Carpathian Mountains and has included many of the characters introduced in earlier books.  She has also introduced a new species threat to the Carpathians, Lycans.  With the successful birth of several children, the Carpathians are moving away from the desperate race for survival into a time of renewal and hope that is a welcome change for Feehan fans.

Tatijana and Fenris had many hurdles to cross and are evenly matched in every way for the fight that is coming.  Of course the next few book possibilities are laid out nicely as is expected of this talented author.  Skyler & Dimitri’s story is certain to be a good one.  It was nice to see that the other characters brought back for this book played more than just a passing part in the storyline.

Christine Feehan is back with a new story, a new attitude and a new species ready to battle our so-loved Carpathians.  DARK LYCAN is the beginning of what is expected to be a new surge in readership as hope blooms for the Carpathians just as a new threat is discovered.

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