Saturday, November 2, 2013

OMORPHI by C. Kennedy

Publisher: Harmony Ink Press
Date published: September 2013
Genre: M/M, Contemporary, YA
Book format: E-book
Obtained via: Publisher
Reviewed by: Marieke

Christy has escaped an abusive past and moved to the USA. He is still badly hurt and can’t talk because of the damage to his larynx. He’s very feminine and loves to wear woman’s clothes, especially lingerie.

Michael is a jock and wants a boyfriend, but he isn’t out at school. He likes feminine boys and has a major crush on Christy.

When the two get together it’s instant attraction. But of course they run into all kinds of trouble. From a psycho school mate, to the extra psycho maniac that abused Christy for years. They have to overcome all the dangers but also they fear from Michael’s parents.

Besides all that Christy still has a lot of physical and mental healing to do and they struggle with that too. Thank god they have a good psychiatrist and great friends.

This book was long and very, very full of angst. The characters are very likable and well written. Christy’s problems are a bit overwhelming at times but Michael keeps being there for him.

I have to be honest here and say that even though this was one of the best books I read in a long time, there was a moment that I thought it was all a bit too much. Too much drama and problems and not enough good times. But then again, it did keep me reading until the book was done.

There were a few loose strings at the end of the book that bothered me, but I’ve heard from a reliable source that there will be a sequel.

This is not an endorsement of this book, this is an unbiased and objective review.

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