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STOLEN CHARMS by Adele Ashworth

Historical Romance
March 26th, 2013
Historical Romance
Mass Market Paperback
Reviewed by Dawn (
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3 Hearts

Natalie Haislett is bored to tears with balls, annoying suitors and more. She dreams of marrying England’s most notorious thief, The Black Knight. When she asks Jonathon Drake for an introduction to her crush, she never realizes that the man she longs for is right in front of her face.

Jonathon is intrigued by the beauty’s desire and determination to meet the infamous thief. When he decides to use Natalie in a daring jewel theft, he never imagines that he could fall in love with her. Now the race is on for this rogue-can he steal Natalie’s heart even as his secrets creep ever closer to being revealed to her?

STOLEN CHARMS is an intriguing blend of romance, mystery and more set within the lush settings of England and France. The story is wildly romantic and the author does a good job in conveying that. What tossed me out of the story a few times was how the heroine’s behavior didn’t quite mesh with the time period of the story as it felt more modern behavior than the 1800’s. The writing was tight, story flowed nicely and the characters are quite enjoyable. I really got into the story after the first chapter and couldn’t put it down.

Meet Natalie and Jonathon. Two people who will find that love is right before their eyes for the taking…that is if they trust their hearts to grab at it. The characters are enjoyable, entertaining and I loved the sparks that flew between Natalie and Jonathon immediately. These two have secrets and a past that leaves them longing for a forever kind of love but determined to spend it alone. This was a humorous Victorian romance that left me smiling in the end. The author delivers a very romantic tale for these two characters and the way this hero decides to let his love, Natalie, tell him her love for him even as she denies falling in love with Jonathon. Those pages you can see the true masterful storyteller at work. It’s lyrical, descriptive and just a shade romantic.

STOLEN CHARMS is a lovely story of two people finding love when they least expect it. It is a bit wordy at times but overall, the reader will fall in love with Jonathon and Natalie as they find their way to love. I look forward to seeing what else this author has in store for her readers.

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