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Publisher:  Avon
Date published:   March 25, 2014
Genre:   Historical Romance
Ebook – ARC
Obtained via:  Publisher
Reviewed by name and email address:  Gina


Lady Xenobia India St. Clair has carved out a life that pleases her.  She answers to no man, has acquired or own dowry and can put her talent and intelligence to a career, as it were, that pleases her.  With an innate sense of style—and someone else’s purse, she sets homes and estates to stylish right.  In demand by wives and bachelors looking for their brides she has a full plate of homes to refurbish.  But it is time for India to retire as it were.  She has decided it is time to settle down and she has the perfect groom chosen.  He is a class peer, has a title, intelligent and they will be companionable.  That man is NOT Thorne Daugtry.

Born on the wrong side of the sheets Thorne Daugtry still has rank after being acknowledged by his father.  From his humble beginnings, where nights were spent in the cold and food less than plentiful, despite his father taking him under wing and sending him to Eton, much of his early years remains with him.  Thorne aspires to make a good match and has his sights on Laetitia Rainsford.  Laetitia, known as La La by those close to her is sweet, kind and rather quiet.  She is exactly what Thorne needs in a wife.  To win La La, he hires India to set his country house to rights. 

Not that he is mercenary.  Thorne does remember and care for those who he knew in his less affluent days.  When a little girl named Rose appears on his doorstep he immediately takes her in.  As he watches India help Rose bloom he begins to question his decision to marry La La.  The more time he spends with India, the more he is drawn to her, but marriage to her would upset his very carefully crafted life plan.  Or would it?

Eloisa James’ latest historical romance, THREE WEEKS WITH LADY X started off a tad slow and confusing for me.  I wasn’t getting the characters but kept on reading.  I’m here to say I’m glad I did because shortly after wondering at my choice the story turned a corner and it went from a kind of grey story to a one filled with a rainbow of color, emotion and just a delight to read.  Every character has something to recommend him or herself, even the villain of the peace, La La’s mother.  She’s one of those characters you love to hate and look forward to her smack down.

I’m usually not a fan of children in stories but little Rose completely captured my heart.  As one of the other characters says, she is a dowager duchess in the making.  She’s a wonderful character and if I could make a wish it would be to have a story some fifteen or so years later when Rose is on the marriage mart herself.  What a fun story that would be to read!

The venues are vividly created and I particularly liked the Dower House.  Ms. James created a wonderfully inviting space for not only Rose but for Thorne and India to explore their growing attraction to each other. 

THREE WEEKS WITH LADY X is part of the Desperate Duchess series but you do not have to have read the earlier books to completely enjoy Ms. James’ latest.  That said, you really don’t want to miss these wonderfully told stories.

This is an objective review and not an endorsement this book.

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