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WAITING FOR TY by Samantha Ann King

Lovers and Friends Series, Book Two
Carina Press
July 29th, 2013
Contemporary M/M Romance
Electronic Advance Reading Copy
Reviewed by Dawn (
Obtained by Publisher via Netgalley
3 Hearts


Ty Coil isn’t attracted to men. Period. But being around his best friend, Landon Burke, isn’t helping his resolve at all. Landon is gorgeous and Ty can tell Landon is into Ty just as much but Ty is afraid to even act on it so he doesn’t upset his ultraconservative family.

Landon has wanted Ty forever it seems. But after waiting so long for a word from Ty that he is into Landon just as much, Landon is tired of waiting and denying his needs. When Landon gets a job offer out of state, Landon figures he has nothing to lose in accepting…until one steamy kiss from Ty leads to smoking hot sex between them. Can Ty accept what his heart has been telling him all these years and let himself risk everything for love?

WAITING FOR TY is a sweet, erotic story about friends who find they have feelings for one another. The author does a good job in capturing the personalities of Ty and Landon. The one thing I was not thrilled about was how short this story was. If the author fleshed it out more and gave the storyline more depth, the story would have helped me see where these characters were going. The other thing that made me keep putting the book down was all the clichés the author used in the story. The whole what would my family/job/society, etc think of Ty if he fell for Landon got old really quickly.

Meet Ty and Landon. Longtime friends, these two have danced around their growing attraction forever it seems. When Ty needs a place to crash while writing a story, he finds himself at Landon’s place, hoping his friend will let him stay for a bit. The one thing Landon wants is for Ty to acknowledge he wants Landon in every way. But after waiting for so long for a word from Ty, Landon finds he grows weary of waiting and gives serious thought to moving away from his crush. The sparks are quiet between these two. I liked how their friendship is the base of it and the chemistry between the two men is pure combustion but I didn’t care for the scenes where Ty made one excuse after another to Landon and his announcement to his family on his relationship with Landon left me feeling quite cold. The characters are okay, diverse and can be enjoyable at times but I felt they needed a bit more depth to truly blow me away.
WAITING FOR TY is one of those ‘love ‘em or leave ‘em; kind of stories. The author tries to fill the story with clichés, little sparks here and there between the main characters and the drama felt forced at times. WAITING FOR TY was an okay story to read on a winter’s afternoon if you are looking for a sweet ‘friends to lovers’ kind of short story that I enjoyed to a degree. The author packs a little heat within the pages and the characters could do with some fine tuning but overall, the story delivers a quick pick me up if you are looking for your next m/m fix.

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