Thursday, February 13, 2014

AVENGER’S HEAT by Katie Reus

Moon Shifter #4
Signet Publishing, February 2014
Paperback from publisher
045141795X (ISBN13: 9780451417954)
Paranormal Romance

The fourth book in Katie Reus’ Moon Shifter series, AVENGER’S HEAT, is a paranormal romance filled with mystery and bite.

Rescued after being left for dead after a brutal beating, Erin Flynn has put her life back together and is now ready to take her first Enforcer assignment for her new pack.  Noah Campbell is the shifter that found her and intends to mate her.  While it is obvious their attraction goes both ways, Erin fights the mating because of a dark past she is still unable to tell anyone about.  Now her mission has her and Noah returning to New Orleans, where the family Noah rarely mentions is having a problem.  Pregnant shifters are being abducted off the street and Noah’s father, the Alpha of his pack, has put out the call for help.

Although Katie Reus’ AVENGER’S HEAT is the fourth book in a series, this reader had no problem picking up mid-series with this book.  It stands alone just fine.  The chemistry between the two main characters, Erin and Noah, is simply explosive.  Their banter was terrific and the protectiveness each has for the other is both obvious and sweet.  The case they have been sent to New Orleans to solve hits many hot buttons for Erin and having to deal with his family has Noah on edge as well.  Strangely, these factors made for a stronger connection between these two hardened love-sick warriors.  The storyline had lots of twists and turns and will keep readers guessing until everything finally falls into place in a climactic ending that this reader thoroughly enjoyed.

Readers looking for a paranormal romance with a good underlying mystery need look no further than Ms. Reus’ AVENGER’S HEAT.

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