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HEART OF DANGER by Lisa Marie Rice

Ghost Ops #1
Avon Red Books, October 2012
Paperback from publisher
ISBN:  0062121790 (ISBN13: 9780062121790)
Romantic Suspense

The first book in Lisa Marie Rice’s new Ghost Ops series, HEART OF DANGER, is a futuristic romantic military suspense with a paranormal slant.

Mac is one of the three surviving members of a super-elite ghost ops soldier squadron who after being betrayed by their commanding officer while on an antiterrorist mission, was framed before escaping court martial.  Now they live in a secret mountain hideaway where they do what they can to help those in need of their special talents. 

Dr. Catherine Young has a psychic gift of being able to see into the heart of others.  During the course of her work for a pharmaceutical lab, one of her test subjects psychically “tells” her she has to find Mac.  With nothing but her belief in her gift to guide her, she sets off to find the mysterious Mac.  When she shows up at the secret compound, Mac and his friends are understandably skeptical and suspect her of being part of a trap.  Time is running out for Catherine’s test subject and she must deal with first proving her innocence, asking for Mac’s help and then fighting the odd attraction she has to the mysterious Mac.

Lisa Marie Rice’s HEART OF DANGER sets the stage for future books in her new Ghost Ops series.  The world building is original, yet stretches the imagination a bit (how on earth does this secret off-government radar group fund the secret hideout, gadgets and missions anyway?).  The instant attraction between the leads was believable to this reader, but their romance may have been a bit rushed.  Undying love in two days time might be a bit over the top for some readers.  Still, for this reader, the romance worked.  Without it, this woman’s tale about their commander, a man they thought betrayed them and died, being held prisoner in a lab somewhere probably would not have been believed.  Once that is out of the way, the rest of the story is all about the rescue and why their commander is there in the first place.  The pace at this point is frantic and the action aplenty.

For the first book in a new series, Lisa Marie Rice’s HEART OF DANGER was an intriguing and romantic military suspense with a touch of the paranormal to spice up the mix.  This reader looks forward to the next books in this series.

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