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THE DIET FIX by Yoni Freedhoff

Publisher:  Harmony
Published:   March 4, 2014
Genre:   Non-fiction, Health
Book format:  Ebook
Obtained via:  Edelweiss – Above the Treeline
Reviewed by name and email address:  Gina


Have you tried diet after diet with initial good results and then bit by bit the pounds you shed come back with a few more?  Or are the various options out there – low cal, low carb or the celebrity diet du jour – too many to find your way through?

Dr. Yoni Freedhoff offers a different option, one that while it contains much of the information we have seen before, gives it an entirely different perspective.  He doesn’t just talk about BMI and calories or carbs or sugar, but lays out practical, easy to work with tools that anyone can follow.  He presents his information in a logical, workable manner -- and in small bites that you can make your changes in a manner that doesn't overwhelm.

In THE DIET FIX Dr. Freedhoff lays out a ten day road map with solid information without recriminations if you do not follow it to the letter.  And other research I've heard says that some things, like getting control of your weight, work better when you have a support system or a group doing it along with you.  THE DIET FIX not only describes these ten days of tools in a logical, easy to follow manner. Dr. Freedhoff also offers up suggestions of several websites to help you along the way such as  There are plans in the works, not available at the writing of this review, for a Diet Fix website which is to be called 

I read THE DIET FIX and immediately set my own goals.  There are some real eye openers as you go through the simple steps—including just where you might be giving up precious calories that you might like to use for something else. 

Just a hint about what this really wonderful tool offers includes:

Day one is about pulling together what you will need to use to make some healthy changes in your life.  Dr. Freedhoff recommends:

1.  Scales - both a bathroom and one for your kitchen to measure foods.

2.  Measuring tools -- various size measuring cups and spoons.  He says guessing does not work and offers his own story on how he was eyeballing certain foods and it turned out his eyeballing was actually more calories than he thought -- enough so he could have had a Snickers Bar -- something he would have enjoyed more -- in lieu of what he was eating.

3. Journal -- Dr. Freedhoff is in process of developing a web based tool as part of The Diet Fix but it isn't up yet.  He also recommends My Fitness Pal which has, among other things, a food diary, an exercise diary and several other support groups and data.  He also refers to My Net Diary,

That's it for Day 1.  Simple.  No drastic changes, just planning.  And Dr. Freedhoff understands that we sometimes have a curve in the road -- so he tells you at the end of the day, if you missed a step, restart Day 1 the next day.

Day 1 is to set up:

Do your food shopping

Get your scales up and running

Day 2 is just as easy to follow and in a few simple steps sets you more directly on your path:

Diarizing as Dr. Freedhoff puts it requires being prepared to weight and measure foods AND record them in real time.  Dr. Freedhoff says that careful record keeping can help you to understand the scale better -- you see in real time where your calories are going.  And the writing down part?  You don't have to stick to a calorie count on day 2 -- but use it as an opportunity to see just where you've been spending your calories.  In The Diet Fix Dr. Freedhoff explains in more details why food diaries work, why they are useful and how doing it in real time helps to shed more pounds than not. He says you need to be consistent -- not perfect.   

And throughout the rest of the ten day program he offers more easy to follow tips and encouragement to achieve your goal.

THE DIET FIX is perhaps my best find of the year.

This is an objective review and not an endorsement of this book.

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