Thursday, February 27, 2014

Peanut Butter and Jelly for Two by Jackie Nacht

Publisher: MLR Press
Date published: December 2013
ISBN: 9781106036179
Genre: M/M, Paranormal
Book format: E-book
obtained via: Publisher
Reviewed by: Marieke

Phillip is a Chipmunk shifter working for a dentist for the paranormal. He grew up with his twenty brothers and sisters, in a secluded and protected place. He studied online and has a bit of a hard time adjusting to living in a busy shifter town. He works for Dr. Gunner Samuels, a wolf shifter.

Phillips has a major crush on Gunner but has done nothing about it. Gunner knows Phillip is shy and hesitant, so he gives Phillip time to adjust.Gunner likes Phillip a lot, but because Phillip is ten years younger and needs to be on his own first, he waits to tell him.
With a little help from Phillips best friend, Beauregard, Gunner is invited over for a roast dinner. But Phillip is a vegetarian who can’t cook. So he and his friend have to figure something out. This leads to funny situations with a lion shifter butcher and an awkward date.

The blurb of the book made me think this would be a hilarious story and the beginning was very promising. Yet after the first few funny scenes it didn’t deliver what it had promised.
There were a couple of funnier bits, but it was nowhere as funny as the beginning. Gunner is a sweet man and Phillip is, slightly high strung, but adorable.

The story is very short and I had the feeling lots of things could’ve been worked out a lot better. Still it was a nice read. Not bad at all, just not as hilarious as I thought it would be. The different POV’s are nicely done, and I like how you get an insight in both men.
It was a good novella, just not great.

This is not an endorsement of this book. This is an objective unbiased review.


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