Saturday, February 8, 2014

Most Romantic Love Scene-Entry Four

Entry Four
Title: One Plus One Makes One
Author: Brian Curtin

Danny was glad they had walked to class, because the last thing he would have wanted would have been for any of their parents to witness the fight.
Danny had always enjoyed their walk home, but today was different. He did not feel like talking and it appeared him that neither did Liana, and it was some time before either of them spoke.
“Im sorry, Dan,” Liana said finally.
“What for?
“Chucking a wobbly and picking a fight with Wendy.”
“Dont worry about it, Im cool.”
“You sure?” she said. “I mustve looked gross.”
“No, just normal,” he said and smiled.
“Ill give you normal,” she snapped and whacked him on the arm.
“Besides youre cute when youre mad.”
Really! only when Im mad?”
“No, most times. Its not every day I get girls fighting over me,” he replied and grinned.
“She had it coming, the bitch,” she said looking a little embarrassed. “Anyway who said we were fighting over you?”
“I just guessed.”
“Do you think shes cute?”
Danny completely ignored her question. “So what were you really fighting about?”
“Never mind,” she said with a smirk.
As they entered a heavily wooded part of the forest Danny moved a little closer to her, and he placed his hand on her shoulder nearest to him. She stopped and they turned to faced one another.
“Oh, Dan, what must you think of me,” she said sombrely and looked down at her feet then back up into his eyes. “That wasn’t me back there, I dont know what came over me, I was just so… I dont know…”
“Jealous,” he offered.
“Yes,” she admitted and dropped her head once more.
“I would have been the same if the situation were reversed.”
Really!” she exclaimed as her head snapped up and, as she moved in closer, held her head up to him.
“Yes,” he answered and looked down at her. “Really.” The look in her eyes told him all he needed to know as he moved against her.
Liana put her arms around his neck as Danny took her in his arms.
“Oh, Dan,” she whispered just before their lips met.
Dannys heart jumped a cog and he felt as if it would jump out of his body. He was acutely aware of Lianas body pressed tightly against his and her heart thumped madly on his chest.
The kiss lasted for about a minute. Then they hugged each other for a while and kissed again.
“Oh, Lea,” Danny whispered when their lips finally parted for the second time, and he held her firmly to him.
“Oh, Dan,” she sighed. “What took you so long?”
“I wasnt sure.”
“So what now, does this mean its tight between you and me?” she murmured softy.
“Weve been tight for a long time to me. It just means we might kiss more, maybe.”
“Might kiss more, maybe?” she teased as she looked up to him.
“Lets park it.”
Arms around each other, they sat by the tree. They felt even less like talking they were so caught up in the magic of the moment. Danny had wanted this for quite some time and now, finally, he had taken the first step. He had been reluctant up until now fearing Liana may reject his advances. The events of today had given him the answers he needed. He was now certain that Liana felt as he did and, at last, they had made known their true feelings toward each other. Danny looked at Liana and he was sure he saw the glimmer of tears in her eyes.
“Happy? No more fighting?” He looked down at her and smiled.
“Deliriously happy,” she answered as she snuggled her head on his chest. “And no more fighting, I promise.”
The serenity of this particular spot was further enhanced by the twittering of the birds in the tall trees, and by the gently breeze that scattered the leaves as they fell like confetti around them.
“I like you heaps, Dan,” Liana said finally.
“Same,” Danny said and kissed her again.
“Being with you is unreal. I just dont know what Id do without you around.”
“Same, and we have been together like what seems forever.”
“And Im so proud of you, and to think you almost gave up dancing that time,” she said. “Im really glad I talked you into staying on. Now look at you, youre awesome.”
“Im glad I didnt quit. Its all thanks to you and maybe a bit of help from Fatso Marshall.”
Danny laughed, remembering his five-year-old self.
“Ill never forget that day,” Liana said. “I thought youd give up for sure after what he said and did.”
Danny shrugged. “Its a long time ago.”
“I remember we were at school in the yard.”
There was a silence as their minds travelled back to that long ago time…

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