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Book One in Series
Signet Eclipse
June 4th, 2013
Contemporary Romance
Mass Market Paperback
Reviewed by Dawn (
Obtained by Publisher
4 Hearts

Shelby is determined to help her daughter and a summer working at a dude ranch seems like the perfect fit. Hoping her daughter, Lizzie, will find the animals soothing and healing, Shelby doesn’t anticipate the magic of the ranch working on her as well. Especially after she meets head wrangler, Foster, who stirs her senses and steals her heart, little by little. But summer nights are fading and Shelby only planned to be around for the summer, can these two star-crossed lovers find a way to make their love permanent even as the Shelby must find a way to decide to stay or go?

SUMMER AT MUSTANG RIDGE is a wonderful tale of new beginnings, healing and more all within the pages of a new to me author I found absolutely charming. This author just grew on me as I flipped the pages in the first book in the Mustang Ridge series and the wonderful characters that populate it. The pace of the story was perfect. Not to slow and not so fast you got a ton of information dumped on you. You gradually learned about all the characters and the world they lived in. For me, this was a perfect winter night read to curl up. The writing was top notch and the characters are what made this story so enjoyable to me. They were very well written, completely captivating and multi-dimensional. The author does a great job in having just the right amount of diverse characters to move the story along nicely and I, for one, can’t wait to see who is next to find love at Mustang Ridge.

Meet Shelby and Lizzie. Shelby is determined to help her daughter who is suffering from Selective Mutism and thinks the summer at the family run dude ranch will help heal Lizzie or on the path of healing that is. But Shelby doesn’t anticipate finding the magic of the ranch heal her as well. Shelby is a woman who I really identified with. A mom determined to try to help her daughter, she grew on me right from the beginning. The author does a great job in keeping the information dumping to a minimum and lets the storyline with Lizzie’s mutism play out gradually. Foster is gruff, sexy and delightful. A cowboy to Shelby’s city girl, they both clicked with me. Each had something the other needed and when they began to fall in love, well lets just say this reader was rooting them on for a happy ending quite loudly. The secondary characters were a riot. I loved the sub-storyline with Herman, Gram and Krista’s parents. All in all, the amazing cast of characters had me giggling one minute then eager for more while I flipped the pages quickly.

Ms. Hayworth delivers a story that literally steals your heart when you are not expecting it. SUMEMR AT MUSTANG RIDGE delivers a satisfying read that when the last page was read, I wanted more! The story gives some laughs, sighs and more to balance it all out. To me that is what makes this a fantastic book to get lost in. If you are looking for a sweet story to get lost in on a cold winter’s night, then grab SUMMER AT MUSTANG RIDGE and settle in for some wonderful storytelling. Now I need the next book in the series, please?

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