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DENIAL by Ember Chase

Self Published, December 2013
Obtained via:  author
: B00HJU88TE
New Adult

Self published author Ember Chase’s first new adult novel, DENIAL, is THE book you just have to read this year.  Never in a million years will you guess that this book isn’t written by a very seasoned and best selling author.  It really is THAT GOOD.

By far and above the best book this reader has seen in some time, Ember Chase’s DENIAL is the story of a young woman in love with a man who may not be deserving of that love.  In her attempt to be everything her lover wants in a woman, Maya agrees to a month of sexual submissive training by a professional sex trainer while her man goes on vacation to Europe.  At first look, this book sounds like several other erotic books of late.  It is not! 

Maya is the girl next door; she could easily be you or me.  She has fallen in love with a man with unusual sexual interests and agrees to this “training” because she is desperately afraid of losing her boyfriend Luke after she learns he is having sex with multiple women.  Luke is slightly older than Maya, wealthy and very experienced.  And he is growing quite frustrated with Maya’s inexperience with submission, an absolute must for him.  While Maya’s best friend despises Luke and fears what Maya is getting involved in with Luke, Maya is determined to give the submissive lifestyle her best attempt to please Luke.  And while it appears at first that Maya and Luke are the main characters in this story, as the story progresses, it is Maya and her “sex coach”, Isaac who emerge as the story’s main characters and love interests.  This is where the story veers from one of many recent erotic novels and moves into completely new territory.

The story is told for the most part in the first person from mostly Maya’s and occasionally Isaac’s perspectives.  We, as readers, are brought along on Maya’s introduction to submission and the man who tries to take her there.  Both main characters have real warped ideas of what a relationship should be and as theirs begins to form, emotions run high as the characters personal development also begins to grow.  For a first-time author, this book is nothing short of spectacular.  It reads as though author Ember Chase has lived, experienced and written many a best seller.  Don’t forget you read it here first; Ember Chase is THE author to watch.  This reader truly could not put this book down.  Pinky swear, this reader stayed up late into the night reading this totally emotion evoking and engrossing story.  The ending comes out of nowhere and is abrupt, but wow does it set up the next book. 

Ember Chase has earned every one of the five stars this review is giving DENIAL.  If this reader could have given more stars, they too would have been well deserved.  DENIAL is worth far more than the asking price.  Don’t miss out on this debut author.  Really!

Reviewed by T. Barringer

"This is an objective review and not an endorsement of this book."

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