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I DREAM OF DANGER by Lisa Marie Rice

Ghost Ops #2
William Morrow Paperbacks, July 2013
Paperback from publisher
0062121839 (ISBN13: 9780062121837)
Romantic Suspense
*** 1/2

The second book in Lisa Marie Rice’s successful Ghost Ops series, I DREAM OF DANGER, is a romantic military suspense with a paranormal slant.

Elle Thomason fell in love with Nick Ross the moment her father, the judge, brought him home to live with them when she was but a child.  Then one day he simply disappeared from her life leaving her heartbroken.  Now, ten years later, she is a respected scientist doing groundbreaking work in psychic phenomena while Nick has is now working with a covert group of super-elite soldiers.  When Elle gets a desperate phone call from a co-worker telling her to run for her life, she is able to send out a telepathic SOS to Nick before being taken prisoner.

This reader thoroughly enjoyed Lisa Marie Rice’s I DREAM OF DANGER.  It had so many of the things this reader enjoys most in a romantic suspense:  hot alpha military men, a bit of psychic mojo, good chase scenes, bad guys aplenty and lots of steam.  The first third of the book was more or less back story, so for some readers it may not have grabbed them as quickly as they would have liked.  But as soon as Nick shows up on the scene, this book takes off.  Elle holds a lot of anger and resentment toward Nick for his abrupt departure and Nick is a bit possessive in the extreme toward her, but their chemistry is explosive from their very first encounter.  The minor characters are also well defined and most likely will have their own stories in future books.  They consist mostly of other members of Nick’s team, living off the grid inside a mountain hideaway.  The storyline is filled with twists and turns and is indeed very suspenseful.  The villain of the story, Dr. Charles Lee, wasn’t as well thought out as he could have been, though it was obvious he was horrific and I suppose that really was enough motivation to keep the book moving.  While the main characters’ romance certainly steamed up the pages, the parallel storyline of the evil Dr. Lee felt somewhat lacking for this reader.

Lisa Marie Rice really knows how to write a hot military suspense with a paranormal flair and I DREAM OF DANGER shows she also knows how to keep her fans coming back with her Ghost Ops series of books.

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*This is an objective review and not an endorsement*

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