Saturday, March 1, 2014

RULE BREAKER by Lora Leigh

Breeds #29
Berkley Books, February 2014
Hardcover from publisher
0425265455 (ISBN13: 9780425265451)
Paranormal Romance
*** 1/2


The latest Breed story from Lora Leigh, RULE BREAKER, hits bookstores in February.  It is Rule and Gypsy’s love story, but it also brings us thankfully closer to a whole lot of answers to questions posed in earlier books.

Rule Breaker, an animal-human mix created in a lab was bred to be the ultimate fighting machine.  During his time in the labs, he watched his mother and her mate tortured a myriad cruel and different ways before finally being dissected while alive and eventually killed by their captors.  He has made it his mission to avoid mating and the heartbreak he feels certain will follow.  Then one day he is on site for a rescue mission where Gypsy, a human, is found tortured and near death.  Since that time, he has secretly been keeping an eye on her, making sure that nothing bad befalls her.  He is also keeping a very close eye out for any mating signs.  As he hasn’t experienced any mating heat or swollen glands in her presence, even though he seems to have a real pull toward Gypsy, he feels fairly safe.  But Rule is a lion shifter and his lion has learned a thing of two about Rule; and he plans to use that knowledge to ease Rule into the inevitable, a life with his rightful mate.  When it appears that Gypsy may be working against the breeds, it is up to Rule to protect his woman and prove her innocence.

For fans of Lora Leigh’s Breed series, RULE BREAKER is yet another hit out of the park.  Like prior books in the series, RULE BREAKER is filled with emotional conflict ruled by strong animal instincts.  The love story between the two main characters, Rule and Gypsy, is both sweet and frustrating at the same time.  And while the two are trying to come to grips with their mating, other matters are coming to a head.  The secondary story, a toddler daughter of one of the ruling breed families had been injected at birth with something that is slowly and painfully killing her.  More clues are revealed that involve Rule and Gypsy in the battle to save the little one.  The clever way the stories weave together prior story threads, pull the series books together nicely in this book.

The characters are complex, the story pace is fast moving and the dual plot will keep readers coming back for more for quite some time yet.  While the romance aspect of the story may be “same old potato chips” to some readers, this reader thoroughly enjoyed Rule and Gypsy’s story, even though what really made the story a winner for this reader was probably the additional plot reveals and a possible cure for the sick child finally becoming within reach.  Kudos to Ms. Leigh, she knows what her readers want and she once again comes through with her latest Breed story, RULE BREAKER.

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