Wednesday, March 5, 2014

STARRY NIGHT by Debbie Macomber

Ballantine Books
November 2013
Contemporary Romance, Holiday
Reviewed by Dawn (
Obtained by Publisher
3.5 Hearts

For Carrie Slayton, being the society writer for local newspaper wasn’t her idea of fun. Sure it paid the bills but what she really wanted to do was write some serious news for a change. When her editor tells her she can cover any topic she wants as long as she scores an interview with the mysterious Finn Dalton. Up to the challenge, Carrie discovers that Finn is in Alaska. So foregoing family at the holidays, she flies up there to see if she can get Finn to open up to her. But she just never anticipated Finn being so sexy…or so stubborn.

I got to admit Debbie Macomber is a special author to me. She delivers heartfelt stories that leave me smiling when the last page is read and eager for more. Her writing is full of captivating characters, wonderful settings and stories that steal the breath away. In her holiday book, STARRY NIGHT, we meet Carrie Slayton who just wants to do serious news for a change. I really enjoyed Carrie. She was driven and quite interesting. She wasn’t afraid to forgo the holidays to find the mysterious Finn Dalton. This is a story that is sweet, romantic and just perfect to read on a cold winter’s night. The writing is tight, story flows smoothly and I found that I couldn’t put this book down until the last page was read.

Meet Carrie and Finn. Carrie is a woman with a good head on her shoulders, determined to meet her editor’s challenge and save her career. Finn is just as stubborn and determined to not talk to the press. He just never anticipated Carrie’s determination or that he would begin to fall for this woman. The sparks fly fast and furious between Carrie and Finn. I loved how they sparred together even as they fell in love. The author does a great job in conveying her characters hidden vulnerabilities so seamlessly in the story and I have to admit, Ms. Macomber’s holiday stories always seem to brighten me up regardless of the season.

If you enjoy a sweet romantic tale that will steal your heart, then I recommend any of this author’s books to enjoy. You will feel like you are coming home after a long time away. STARRY NIGHT is truly one of those wonderful books you can’t help but want to read again. I look forward to seeing where this author goes in her next holiday book.

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