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AT THE RIVER’S EDGE by Mariah Stewart

The Chesapeake Diaries Series Book Seven
Ballantine Books
February 2014
Contemporary Romance
Electronic Advance Reading Copy
Reviewed by Dawn (
Obtained by Publisher via Netgalley
5 Hearts

Sophie Enright is at a crossroads. Leaving her cheating boyfriend, trying to decide if the law is for her and more, she escapes to St. Dennis where her brother is getting ready to get married to take stock of her life and see where she wants to go with her career. She never imagined she would find a new passion in both Jason Bowers, her sexy new neighbor and the run down restaurant she buys with the dream of opening her own place. The sparks fly between Jason and Sophie but when Sophie’s cheating ex shows up, will Jason fight for Sophie, for the love growing between them or will he walk away from the woman who is becoming more to him than anyone else has before?

Mariah Stewart does it again with a charming tale of a woman trying to decide where she wants to go in life, a man determined to make St. Dennis his home after leaving the memories and loss in Florida. The sparks between Jason and Sophie is instant and the minute they both get on the page together, I could see Jason is just perfect for Sophie. I loved how these two danced their way around each other and the author does a wonderful job in letting the reader experience small town life in her Chesapeake Shores series. The writing is tight, story flows nicely and the ending is a pure delight in my opinion. Ms. Stewart is my go to author when I need a pick me up after a rough day and she never fails to disappoint in her Chesapeake Shores books. They are just a perfect read anytime of the year to enjoy.

Meet Sophie and Jason. Sophie has the world at her fingertips with a job at the DA’s, a man she is falling for and more. That is until she spies him in the backseat of his car with another woman than look out, Sophie is determined to reevaluate her life and that is including Chris, the two timing rat. I got to admit I was rooting for Sophie the minute she flew on the page. I wanted her to dump Chris, find love elsewhere and more. She is a wonderful character who comes across as a person at a crossroads in her life. Does she want to continue with the law field or make her dream of running a restaurant a reality? The author does a marvelous job in capturing Sophie’s conflicted emotions as she wavers between doing what is comfortable to her or taking that frisk with something new.

Jason Bowers moved to St. Dennis to start over after his brother died and he sold their landscaping business there. As he finds himself drawn to Sophie he also isn’t looking for love right now but there is something about Sophie that just draws him to her. That is until she buys the property next to his business and he is disgruntled to find out that no amount of money will change her mind in selling it to him. I loved how Sophie made Jason see that her dreams are just as important as his are. The author shows the reader how important this is to Sophie and how she sticks to her guns, which left me smiling, especially as some familiar secondary characters make their opinions known. The characters are very well written, so much so they fairly leap off the pages when you open AT THE RIVER’S EDGE. I really loved seeing some of my favorite characters from past books pop in throughout the story and there was a few sub-plots that had me wanting more when the last page was read.

AT THE RIVER’S EDGE is a wonderful written romantic story that leaves you breathless in the end. I am looking forward to the next installment in this captivating series and hope the author doesn’t leave us hanging for the next book. If you enjoy small town charm in your stories with intriguing characters then try one of the Chesapeake Shores stories and settle in for hours of reading enjoyment.

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