Monday, June 23, 2014

THE PROMISE by Robyn Carr

Publisher:  Mira
Published:   June 24, 2014
Genre:   Contemporary Romance
Format:  Paperback
Obtained via:  Publicist - ARC
Reviewed by name and email address:  Gina


Not all that long ago widower Dr. Scott Grant came to Thunder Point.  While he could have made a fine living, actually more than a fine living, in a bigger city, the small town drew him.  For Scott truly caring for people, making a difference and having a stable home life for his children far outweigh any desire for money.  And until now he hasn’t been ready to move on from the passing of his wife, Serena.

Peyton Lacoumette thought her life was pretty set.  Living with a renowned cardiac surgeon, her own successful physician assistant career, decent money, good friends, what more could she want? 

Well actually Peyton’s life was missing a little something…like an equal romantic partnership with said cardiac surgeon.  In no time at all Ted, the surgeon, pretty much dumped his three spoiled, discourteous and generally annoying children on her.  He’s never home at night and won’t listen to what is really going on in his home.  It’s all about Ted and only Ted.  And one day she has had enough.  Peyton packed her bags, got into her brand new Lexus and headed down the coast.  She’s not sure what she’s looking for but when she pulls into Thunder Point the pace of the town and the genuine sense of community between the residents draws her in.  And when she finds that Dr. Grant is looking for a physician assistant she applies for the job—but only for three months.  That’s all the time Peyton is willing to give herself to decide her next move and no matter how caring, devoted and handsome her new boss is, she is so not going to fall for him.  Absolutely, positively, never going to fall for him.  And why?  Well now, that is the question…could it be because of his two small children?  Or is Thunder Point a little too small for her?  As Scott finds himself falling in love he knows he doesn’t have all that much time to change her mind on not just the town, but on him.

Just when I think Robyn Carr with her Thunder Point series has written her absolute best she comes out with an even better story.  Her latest, THE PROMISE, leaves her other stories in the dust.  I love this series and with each book find myself wishing more and more it was a real place because I’d move there in a heartbeat.  But it’s not just the town.  It’s the characters that populate Thunder Point.  They are complex, three dimensional and would well be your next door neighbor. The stories deal with real life issues, real life concerns and touch you as the main characters work out their issues. 

Earlier characters continue to develop as well. They aren’t left behind or left stagnant as they were in the last book, but their lives move on as well so the books aren’t just about the latest couple to find each other. 

I’ve wanted Scott’s story from the first book he appeared in.  I’m glad I waited…at times not so patiently, for him to have his turn because his story is just plain ole wonderful.  And in terms of time passed in the fictional town?  His story was totally on time.  He needed time to grieve Serena’s passing, to try to date a few local women and to establish himself as a resident of Thunder Point.  His story isn’t told until the absolute right time.

I liked Peyton from the git go.  Ms. Carr takes readers not only into her thought processes about why she wants what she wants, but we’re taken into the family that made Peyton who she is.  I wouldn’t mind a spin off series of the Lacoumette family because they are pretty fascinating in their own right.

Each story in this series is a stand alone and you do not have to have read the others to enjoy the most recent, but seriously, you do not want to miss one of them.  Robyn Carr’s Thunder Point series is one of the absolute best out there. 

This is an objective review.

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