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MUST BE MAGIC by Sydney Somers


Spellbound, Book 4
Samhain Publishing, December 2013
Obtained via:  publisher
ISBN:  978-1-60928-360-5
Paranormal Contemporary Romance
*** 1/2


The fourth book in Sydney Somers spicy Spellbound series, MUST BE MAGIC, is a steamy combination of magic, second chances and a love that will not be denied.

The Calders and the Lancasters have been feuding as long as Darby and Bryce can remember.  When they were younger, Darby fell in love with Bryce not knowing he was a Lancaster and when she found out she thought it was all a joke being played on her.  For years, she has thought Bryce abandoned her in her moment of deepest need. 

Darby Calder agrees to a 48-hour truce with the man who broke her heart in order to keep the peace at her brother’s upcoming tropical wedding.  As an investigator, she constantly runs into the infuriating lawyer Bryce Lancaster in court cases.  They alternately snarl and ignore each other as best they can.  But when his sister marries her brother, they are forced to actually speak to each other and that is when the magic begins and secrets are revealed.

Sydney Somers’ MUST BE MAGIC is a sweet yet bumpy love story.  The characters are fun and literally magical.  The story is the unraveling of a bunch of misunderstanding and lack of communication that comes about in a moment of weakness.  Though this reader felt that the ending was inevitable and the magic a bit unnecessary to the story, Darby and Bryce’s chemistry made the tale worth the journey to read it.

Romance fans with a yearning for a good happily-ever-after are sure to find Sydney Somers’ MUST BE MAGIC a fun and easy summer read by the pool.

Reviewed by T. Barringer

"This is an objective review and not an endorsement of this book."

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