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THE PROMISE by Robyn Carr

A Thunder Point Novel
July 2014
Contemporary Romance
Paperback ARC
Reviewed by Dawn (
Obtained by Publisher
4 Hearts

Doctor Scott Grant has made his home in Thunder Point with his two young children, opening a clinic and making friends. When Peyton Lacoumette walks into his clinic and offers her resume for the physician assistant position, he never anticipated that his life would be changed in the matter of a few months.

Peyton Lacoumette is running from a bad breakup and is determined to find a place to lick her wounds and heal her heart. Finding the little ad about the PA job in Thunder Point makes her think she is where she should be.  She just never imagined Thunder Point to be so enjoyable, relaxed and have such wonderful residents that slowly over time become her friends. But when she falls for Scott, Peyton finds that her life is about to get complicated…in a good way if she lets her heart show her the promise of love.

Ms. Carr’s latest installment in her wonderful Thunder Point series is just as delightful as her other books in the series. With the right amount of tension, romance and more, she brings life to this fictional town and characters that just steals your heart from the first page. I loved how Doctor Scott Grant, a secondary character in past books finally gets his happily ever after with a woman strong enough to be his partner in every way. Peyton delivers a fresh breath of air to the series and her wild yet loving clan of family had me giggling at times though I really needed to figure out what ‘Basque’ meant but otherwise this story just pulled me in, so much so I couldn’t put it down.

Meet Peyton and Scott; two lonely people who find their way to one another in the most unexpected of ways. Peyton is trying to find herself again after a bitter breakup leaves her reeling, quitting her job and more. Wandering into Thunder Point was pure chance and finding out there was a job opening at the local medical clinic was the icing on the cake. This was the perfect place to find her equilibrium again. I loved Peyton. She was strong yet vulnerable, had a wonderful family that made me smile and she showed Scott what love means with her. She was definitely one of my favorite characters to date. Scott is widowed, raising two small kids and trying to figure out how to date in a small town where everyone knows everyone else and more. Peyton stirred him up, made him long for a forever kind of love he though t he lost when his wife died and he is thrilled to have her working along side him at the clinic. He just never anticipated that the three months Peyton requested as terms of working at the clinic would show him the many facets of Peyton. I loved Scott when he first dropped into Thunder Point and I was just tickled pink when he became the main focus of the latest Thunder Point novel. Scott is a hero who is strong yet tender, isn’t afraid to show his love and appreciation to friends and family yet knows when to show his vulnerabilities as well in the dark of night to Peyton. I found these two to be a perfect match and the sparks just flew between them right from the beginning. The cast of characters are so well written that  it makes me want to take a road trip to see where this place is and to have some of Carrie’s good food or to chat with Gina at the cafĂ© in town. This is truly one series where I just could not pick out my one favorite overall when all of them just make me melt with happiness. I love how this author catches the readers up on other characters in the series from past books and introduces some new ones as well. Over all, this character driven series is pure perfection.

THE PROMISE is more than two people finding they are perfect for one another. It is about trust, healing and overall, love. This is an author who knows her characters and lets them shine in whatever way possible and she delivers a great storyline in the process. The writing is tight; story flows so smoothly I totally forgot the time while reading THE PROMISE and the characters just steal away your heart, little by little.

If you are looking for a great small town contemporary series, then I highly recommend the Thunder Point series. I do suggest reading the series in order so you get a sense of who everyone is though you can read THE PROMISE without reading the other books. It is my opinion that you will get a better sense of the town and the residents better. Now the question is, when is the next book coming?

This is an objective review and not an endorsement

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