Wednesday, August 20, 2014


A Deadly Ops Novel #2
Signet Eclipse Books, August 2014
Obtained via:  publisher
ISBN:  978-0-451-41922-4
Romantic Suspense
*** 1/2

Romantic suspense author Katie Reus’ new Deadly Ops series is off to an explosive beginning in BOUND TO DANGER, a story of loss, love, revenge and duty.

Before the mansion where Maria Cervantes was attending a benefit dinner exploded, killing her mother and all the other guests with the exception of Maria, she overhead two men plotting a terrorist attack in Miami, Florida.  But before she could tell anyone about what she overheard, the mansion was blown sky high and Maria woke in a hospital with no memory of what happened.  As the sole survivor, she has the interest of the NSA and their agent, Cade O’Reilly.  Maria and Cade had a bit of history until he up and disappeared from her life eight years ago without explanation.  With her memories locked in her head, Cade is sticking to Maria like glue because those memories could be vital clues to the next attack and Cade isn’t keen on losing her again.

Romantic military intrigue is one of this reader’s favorite genres so when Katie Reus starting writing in that genre, this reader was, well, intrigued.  BOUND TO DANGER is a fast paced story with lots of ex-military hotties, alphabet agencies, terrorists and romance that sizzles.  The heroine is doing the best with what she has been tossed into.  She may not remember much before the explosion, but she knows there is something that she should be remembering.  And so do the terrorists.  Interestingly, Reus writes the terrorists in such a way that we understand and empathize with them, if not their methods.  The romance between the leads grew as the story developed and was easy to believable as readers know of their history from the get go.  The writing was entertaining, the characters likeable, the action constant and the threat of terrorism remained high throughout.  Still, there was something so familiar about the cast of characters that this reader kept thinking she recognized them from somewhere and that” just can’t place where” feeling lingered throughout the book and interrupted the flow for this reader, though I never did figure out why they seemed so familiar.

In any case, Katie Reus’ new Deadly Ops series and this second book BOUND TO DANGER is everything you could hope for in an explosive military romantic suspense and then some.

Reviewed by T. Barringer

"This is an objective review and not an endorsement of this book."

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