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DUMPED IN OZ by Andrew Grey

Tales from Kansas Series Book One
Dreamspinner Press
January 15th, 2014
Contemporary M/M
Reviewed by Dawn (
Obtained by Author
4 Hearts

For Lyle Powers, being transferred to the middle of nowhere Kansas is like the kiss of death to his thinking. But for Lyle who has no ties or boyfriend to stay in Harrisburg, PA, going to Kansas is an eye opening event that may just bring him something much more than he anticipates.

Roger Kypers is part owner of a small restaurant in Wamego, or Oz as the locals call it, and finding Lyle who is new to town makes his heart hope again for a love ever after. Except Roger has a wicked ex-wife determined that he act like a normal straight man if he wants any time with his daughter. But you can’t stop the heart once it is engaged and as Roger and Lyle find out, sometimes love is the biggest surprise of all. Can Lyle and Roger let go of the past in order to have a future together?

DUMPED IN OZ is a charmingly sweet tale of a two lonely men finding their way to one another by a quirk of fate. I just love this author’s work and his stories are my go to reads when I need a pick me up after a rough day or just a chance to smile a bit when the world is all gray and ugly. His stories have heart which makes mine melt whenever I pick up one of Andrew Grey’s books. DUMPED IN OZ is a wonderful story full of real life issues, some nasty bigoted characters that made me want to smack silly and a friendship that slowly turned to love all in the eyes of the townsfolk of this small town. The characters are well developed and are diverse. They were quite life like and I really want to try some of the food at Roger’s restaurant now after reading this book. The story flowed smoothly and the pace was nice and even with no hiccups or plot holes to confuse the reader.

Meet Lyle. He is alone, working in Harrisburg, PA and even though he has friends, his world is quite small. He basically exists day to day, not living a life full of new experiences and people. So when he is offered a job at his company’s warehouse in Wamego, Kansas, well let’s just say he isn’t as thrilled as his friends are but after being talked into it, he finds himself charmed by the small town and the residents there. But his past gives rise to some fears after he meets Roger, a local man who stirs him like no other has. I just love Lyle and Roger together. You could see these both needed the friendship the other offered and soon, both men find their hearts engaged even if they are scared to the bone about it. The author does a great job in capturing Roger’s battle with Alcoholism & sobriety perfectly. He doesn’t preach about it and puts it in such a way that the reader is rooting for Roger to not take a drink and instead embraces a new friend. What I loved even more was how Lyle found himself slowly becoming part of the community, meeting the townsfolk, getting on in life and embracing all it offered in baby steps.

Roger on the other hand has been scared to rock the boat with his ex on his case for being gay, not sticking up for himself and his daughter being his whole world. But when Roger meets Lyle, Roger finds the strength to stick up for himself and that made me sit up and cheer as I rooted for Roger to finally tell his evil witch of an ex to back off and to show his daughter that being gay means not being different. The secondary characters are perfectly written and I loved how Lyle’s friends came to town to visit him, bringing lightheartedness to the story that had me giggling at times over their quips and remarks.

DUMPED IN OZ is that perfect story to read on a rainy afternoon when you need to pass some time. Mr. Grey delivers a strong heartfelt story that delivers a wonderful ending that will leave you breathless in the end. I can’t wait to see where he goes in this series and hope you check it out as well. DUMPED IN OZ is a sweet yet angst story with just enough drama to move the story line along instead of taking it over that will steal your heart and not let it go after the last page is read. Kudos to Mr. Grey for creating such a great introduction to his new series and I look forward to seeing more from this author in the future.

This is an objective review and not an endorsement.


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