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Publisher:               Riptide Publishing            
Published:               30/06/2014 
ISBN:                     978 1 62649 153 3
Genre:                   Contemporary Romance , M/M, Bikers
Book Format:          E-book
Obtained via:          Publisher
Reviewed by:          Helena Stone,

Rating:                   5

Sean Rush lives for a thrill, thrives on adrenaline. His need for adventure sent him to the army and has him back stealing and racing powerful cars even though he swore he wouldn’t go back there. His need for excitement also has him hooked on Ryker, a Lieutenant in the almost mythical Havoc Motorcycle Club. The feeling appears to be mutual; for the past eight months Ryker has been breaking into Sean’s house and stealing into his bed leaving Sean’s body satisfied, his mind restless and his heart a place he doesn’t want to explore.

Sean doesn’t like control and avoids relationships. Yet Rykers control over him is not only something he doesn’t fight, it answers a deep and unacknowledged need buried inside him. It isn’t long before Sean finds himself wanting more than mind-blowing night-time encounters from Ryker.

When one of Sean’s car thefts goes bad and he finds himself in real danger, Ryker’s protective instincts take over. He thinks bringing Sean to the Havoc compound will keep the man safe. He doesn’t realise that Sean comes with a past that could put Havoc and everything Ryker holds dear in danger. And the secrets Ryker has been keeping add fuel to a fire already close to being out of control.

When your very presence brings danger to those you don’t want to harm leaving is the only option. Walking away from adrenaline may be just about possible; walking away from love may be one step too far.

“Running Wild” was one hell of a thrilling read. A good book rarely has boring moments; this book didn’t have a single boring word. The story took me from high octane danger to incredibly hot sex and straight back into the danger zone again. Finding time to breathe was difficult; everything else needing to be done and requiring me to spent time away from my kindle was irritating.

The prologue takes you straight into the story. We meet Ryker and Sean in a very hot encounter and know, without a doubt, that these two men are going to take us for a wild ride and then some. And then the story seems to slow down, or rather pull back for a moment. The reader is in no doubt there’s a lot going on beneath the surface but isn’t quite sure what. This should be frustrating but is, in this book, the exact opposite. S.E. Jakes takes her time revealing her characters and their backgrounds and motivation to the readers. She had me wondering and second guessing myself while reading this book. Was Sean an unredeemable criminal or was he just a restless soul with a heart of gold? And what about Ryker? Was he really ‘just’ a very perceptive man and incredible lover with endless patience or was there a reason behind his actions? Every time I thought I’d figured them and the story out there was something new to discover, a new layer to explore. This made me love this book, the story and the characters more with every finished chapter.

His encounters and emerging relationship – of sorts – with Ryker sends Sean on the path of self-exploration and dealing with his past without him being fully aware of it. Ryker allows him to be who he longs to be deep inside, the person he never allowed himself to be.

“Because I wasn’t in control. And for the first time in my life it was a fucking relief.”

And while Ryker appears to be in control of his life, Sean and everything that happens around him, he too discovers new sides to himself even while he’s pulling Sean out of his self-imposed hell.

“As much as I love this MC, and what I do for it – you, Sean, you make me feel alive. You make me want to be better, so I can protect you.”

The only thing hotter, more enticing and wonderful to read about than a hard man showing his deeper, more sensitive side, is two men making the revealing theirs together. I loved the moments when Ryker just said it as he felt it. Moments of pure honesty from the character resulting in all the emotions for the reader.

“You’ll never be easy, Sean. No matter how hard you try. And that’s why I’m proud you’re mine. Don’t you get it, babe? This isn’t a game to me. Way beyond that.”

At first glance it would appear that Sean has relinquished all control to Ryker. Dig a little bit deeper and you discover that the knife cuts both ways. This isn’t a case of Sean becoming dependent on Ryker, although he submits. This is a case of two men giving and taking and finding in each other exactly what they need.

“God, I loved that. I loved taking his control, the hard-earned victory of watching him, for just those few moments, lose it. Lose himself, because of me.”

I have a problem with violence, be it in real life or in my books. For that reason I expected to have reservations about this story. In fact, I did have them for a while. During the early parts of this book I was teetering on the brink between loving the writing and cringing about the all the crimes. Mind you, I didn’t consider not continuing the story for even one fleeting second; I was hooked from more or less the second line in the prologue.

And then magic occurred. Without me even being aware of it, the crimes, while still taking place, moved into the background, started to make a – for me- weird kind of sense. The characters took over and I just rode along with them; happy to have been invited along for the ride. Ryker, Sean and Havoc managed to lodge themselves firmly in my heart over the course of 280 pages and I can’t wait to find out where they’ll take me next.

““You know I love you.” I did. He’d been saying it in a thousand different ways from the start and I’d been running. In circles, it appeared. And he’d waited until I wore myself out.”

This is an objective review and not an endorsement of this book.

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