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Publisher:               Dreamspinner Press                    
Published:               June, 26 2014        
ISBN:                     978 1 63216 014 0
Genre:                   Mystery, Romance, M/M
Book Format:          E-book
Obtained via:          Publisher
Reviewed by:          Helena Stone,

Rating:                   5+

When Lieutenant Connor Morgan finds himself comforting the adopted son of a murdered man, he doesn’t expect to develop feelings for him. Connor had his life planned out. Like his father he would be a police officer, a pillar of strength both in the world and for his family. Eventually he’d find himself a wife, start a family of his own and become the leader of the Morgan clan.

Instead Connor finds himself looking for excuses to visit Forest Ackerman. The young drummer with a troubled past and someone out to kill him in the present, is slowly but steadily lodging himself in Connor’s mind and heart. While Connor has thought about men in the past, he never expected to end up loving one.

Forest Ackerman doesn’t know what to make of the straight cop who keeps on showing up in his life and coffee shop. When the same coffee shop turns into a war zone, Connor is present to save Forest. Having nearly lost the beautiful man makes Connor determined to keep Forest close and secure.

As the unknown killer gets ever more inventive and destructive danger closes in on Forest, Connor and those close to them. At the same time the two men try to figure out if they could ever be something together, provided they survive long enough.

You know that feeling you get when you read a book and it leaves you completely happy, satisfied and with a huge grin on your face? THAT

This book so closely resembles my perfect reading experience I could believe it was written according to my personal stipulations if I didn’t know better. The mystery in this book is thrilling and keeps the reader on the edge of their seat. The characters worm their way into your heart from the moment they are introduced and subsequently grow into people you’d love to have in your day-to-day life. The dialogue sparkles and sounds realistic and the emotions both happy and sad are so vivid you experience them with the characters.

Tequila Mockingbird is the third book in the ‘Sinners’ series and while I have no doubt you should reads these books in order to get the most out of them, my rating of this book indicates that it’s not necessary. I haven’t read the first two titles yet but never felt as if I was missing vital information. 

There was so much to love in this book. Connor’s journey from being fascinated with and attracted to Forest to the realisation that he has fallen in love with a man and needs him in his life, took my breath away.

“I want to lie in bed with him when it rains and listen to the water hit the roof. I find myself wondering how the coffee foam on his lips would taste on my tongue or if I could make him smile by blowing a raspberry on his belly. It’s not just want, Da. It’s need. I need him.” – Con to Donal

Donal, the Morgan patriarch, is probably one of the best characters ever created. His words of wisdom, unquestioning love and endless understanding are something everybody should experience in their life yet few encounter.

“Follow yer heart, because no matter where it takes ye, the journey is worth it – especially if it’s love.” - Donal to Con

I enjoyed the relationship between all the Morgans. The rapid fire slagging-off between them hit the Irish note spot on. The united front they present as soon as one of them is in need, was heart warming. Quinn’s advice to his older brother was inspired and worth remembering.

“You should never play safe with your heart. It doesn’t get to grow if you don’t take it out. You break it. You give it away. And sometimes, you kind of hope someone gives it back to you – maybe wrapped up and taped but better because they held it for a little while.” – Quinn to Con

I was going to say that Forest broke my heart, but that’s not exactly right. His history broke my heart. The things he’d faced at an age when his biggest concern should have been the next X-box game, were horrendous and at times very hard to read. Yet the man himself, despite his doubts and fears was not someone to be pitied. He took his blows, stood his ground and despite his doubts found the courage to believe he was loved and return that love.

“How can he love me? Shit, I don’t even love me.” - Forest

And what a note to end a book on. Talk about leaving your readers yearning for more. I can’t really call it a cliff-hanger though. If I had to call it anything I’d call it a new beginning, a taste rather than a tease. And as tastes go, this one left me hungry for more. Which means I’m lucky; having two older books to catch up with means I can get my fix while waiting for the next one to become available.

This is an objective review and not an endorsement of this book.

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