Monday, October 6, 2014

Covered Up with Ash Krafton

Back to school favorite:  pens or notebooks?


As anyone in my house will attest: notebooks! I’ve always had a serious thing for school supplies…when I was growing up, my mom worked as a purchasing agent for a major healthcare company. She always had a box full of samples under her bed and it was a mini-store, full of every kind of pen, marker, and notepad.


When I had kids of my own, I ran the school store in their small parochial store. I purchased most of the items myself and donated them. Kids got to shop every week, but I got to do what I loved best—fool around with every sort of back to school goody. Fuzzy folders. Colored pencils. Mini staplers. Squee!


See, I told you I had a serious thing. J


My kids are in high school now, but I haven’t have to abandon my stock piles of school supplies in the basement closet. I have had to slim down the inventory a lot, since my 15 year old is too cool for sparkly crayons or adorable animal folders. One thing we all still use are notebooks. My most recent score was a stack of 13 composition notebooks in all different colors. Out of my mind happy.


My husband groans, but all he sees are stacks of blank tablets. I see a potential book in every single one.


Hiking or jumping in a pile of leaves?


Hiking, for sure. Jumping in a pile of leaves implies I have to rake up said pile first. Gack. (Plus, we own a dog. Never know what you’ll land in.)


Both of my kids are active in Scouting so we actually do a lot of hiking. Since my son is working on rank advancements, he usually has a five-mile hike or two to complete so we just make it a family outing.


Our favorite hiking spot is at the Gettysburg Battlefields National Park. We’ve done both the Billy Yank and Johnny Reb trails—a great way to relive history since the guidebook explains troop movements, discussed battle decisions, and describes each of the monuments you pass along the way.


We did a bus tour the first year we were there, which was very informative, but hiking these trails allows you to follow the footsteps of each of those Civil War soldiers. We always come away with a profound sense of connection to the struggles and the sacrifices of those men.


Halloween or Thanksgiving?


Halloween! In fact, I keep some decorations up all year round. My yard ghosties are solar powered and they change colors all night long. Just delightful…


I also have a six-foot-tall Grim Reaper in the furnace room. His hooded skull is on a heavy spring so he nods at you if you carelessly bump into him, as if he were saying, “Yes, dearie…you’ll be next, soon enough.” I hug him when no one is looking.


Our family has a tradition of vacationing in October, which is all the excuse I need to go to Disney. Every inch of those parks are decked out in glorious Halloween extravagance. How can you beat Mickey Mouse with vampire fangs? Other than resurrecting Edgar Allen Poe, I can’t think of anything more hauntingly brilliant.



Hot buttered rum or hot chocolate?


Hot chocolate, for sure. Cold chocolate, if I must. And solid chocolate whenever humanly possible.


I’ve never tried spicy hot chocolate but I’ve heard so much about it. If anyone has a recipe, please share! I did pick up some McCormick’s chili cocoa spice. Now I just need to figure a way to use it.



Whose book (besides one of yours) are you most looking forward to reading?


This one is the easiest of all…THE WITCH’S KISS by Tricia Schneider. She’s a paranormal romance author with The Wild Rose Press. You can find her books about the Merriweather witches here



I’ve had the distinct pleasure of sneaking a peak at the cover for her next book…so excited!

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