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THE 6TH EXTINCTION by James Rollins

A Sigma Force Novel
William Marrow
August 12th, 2014
Thriller, Mystery, Action-Adventure
Reviewed by Dawn (
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In the remote area of California, a frantic distress call comes through, chilling the very blood of those who answer it. What they find when they get there is death-people, animals and vegetation even the land itself. Over fifty square miles is literally sterile and this pathogen is consuming more and more as it moves outward, the blight growing as it consumes more and more. Sigma is called in along other government agencies to figure out what it is and how to stop it.

To that end, Sigma goes in two different directions- one team will be headed by Painter Crowe, director of Sigma who will try to find the head scientist-Doctor Karl Hess- and a solution to stopping the blight. While Commander Gray Pierce and his team from Sigma will research the many leads as they follow history and race across the globe to Antarctica. Both team’s goals is to stop the blight and get answers before it is too late.

James Rollins is one of those storytellers who mixes genres and comes up with some amazing stories. His Sigma Force series is rich in history, science, mystery, thriller and action to give the reader an edge of your seat ride from start to finish whenever you pick up one of his books. In his latest Sigma Force novel, we find the world is in peril once again and it is up to the secret organization in the US Government, Sigma, to deal with it and get answers as they race against the clock to stop it. What amazes me with this author is his meticulous research with each book. From historical facts woven into the storyline to the latest science and military aspects that may or may not be true; This is an author who really knows his subject matter and delivers it in such a way that it never bogs down the storyline with the many scenes detailing clues and whatnot.

James Rollins is a masterful storyteller who delivers a wild, edge of the seat ride from start to finish with THE 6TH EXTINCTION. We find familiar faces and some surprising additions within the story as well as a few twists that leave you breathless as you flip the pages quickly to see what happens next. His writing and storytelling leave the reader captivated and the cast of characters are quite diverse as well as entertaining. The reader won’t be able to put this one down; I know I didn’t.

If you enjoy a thriller with science, history, mystery and more woven within the story then you have to grab James Rollins Sigma Force books. I do caution that it is best to read them in order as you get to see the core cast of characters and find out what and who Sigma is. What really thrills me when you are done with one of the Sigma Force books is how the author will do a ‘Is this true or not?” sort of note and go through the story and detailing what is fact and fiction. It helps give a perspective on the story and what he used as plot points.

I am eager to see after an author note in the book pointed out that even wilder and interesting times are coming to Sigma so hang on to your caps, ladies and gents, it’s about to get wild. I am eager to see where this author goes in future books and see what he is able to incorporate in the series.

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