Saturday, October 25, 2014

Dark Blood by Christine Feehan


Publisher: Penguin
Date Published: September 2014
ISBN: 9780425271445
Paranormal Romance

Reviewed by Gabrielle
Obtained by publisher

Rating 3.5

Zev Hunter is waking up to a whole new world. Now part lycan and part Carpathian he must try to understand and fit into this new world. A beautiful woman stands at his side. Branislava is a Dragonseeker and more than willing to fight by and with her man. The two find that they are not alone and join together with many others to fight a new threat to their world. As Zev and Branislava begin to work through their own emotions they must also learn to work with others in this fight against evil.

I am enjoying this look at the lycan and the Carpathian worlds intertwining. Christine Feehan has brought a fresh look to this series with the lycan additions. Although the villain in this story seemed to be unimaginative the action and romance was captivating.

Zev is a strong and honorable man. He fights for what he believes in and I loved that he respects Branislava so much and does not want her to feel forced to be with him. She is a strong woman who is willing and ready to fight, not a woman who is afraid and in need of a man to fight her battles for her.  Watching their relationship form and grow was a nice read. The author weaves a great story around their romance. I loved seeing many of the characters from past books show up in this story. Some scenes are a bit more graphic and descriptive than other books in this series and may be a bit for some readers who are looking for a sweeter story. A few words or phrases and explanations are repeated a few too many times in this book and I found the villain situation unimaginative. Even with those drawbacks I was still pulled in to this story and enjoyed meeting Zev and Branislava and the Carpathian world. I hope that Christine Feehan finds a way to work more changes into this world.

This is an objective review and not an endorsement of this book.

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