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The Hurley Boys Series, Book One
August 26th, 2014
Erotic Romance, Contemporary
Reviewed by Dawn (
Obtained by Publisher via Netgalley
4 Hearts


Natalie Clayton has gotten her life straightened out and she is determined to not lose that control again. Until Paddy Hurley enters her life again and she finds herself drawn to the sexy man even if he shakes up her control with each kiss, stroke and more. Can Paddy find a way to get Natalie to let him inside her heart and loosen her iron grip on her life to see that Paddy is just what she needs?

Ms. Dane has another winner in THE BEST KIND OF TROUBLE. Her introduction to the new series, The Hurley Boys, we find the author delivering another hit with the sexy Hurley brothers and the women who tame them. With the right amount of sexy scenes, heartfelt moments and a romance that will surely steal your heart, Ms. Dane delivers s teller introduction into the new series that will leave the reader breathless. I can honestly admit that I needed a new family to fall in love with after reading this author’s Brown Family series. The writing is tight, story moves quickly and the characters fairly leap off the pages.

Meet Natalie Clayton. Small town librarian, former wild child and determined to never be that person again. Until Paddy Hurley re-enters her life and she finds life is just about o get interesting. I loved Natalie from the moment I started reading. She was independent, determined and fiercely loyal. The sparks fly right off the bat for Natalie and Paddy and I got to admit, watching these two fall in love was a sight to behold. Paddy is sinfully determined and winning Natalie’s heart is just the beginning. These two are just perfect for one another. They complement one another perfectly and I loved how Paddy was able to bring Natalie’s bad girl side out. The author does an amazing job in capturing the characters vulnerabilities and desires all with a stroke of her keys. The connection between Natalie and Paddy is electric and so enjoyable. Who hasn’t wanted someone to love them so completely-warts and all? The secondary characters are a delight with giving the story a bit of light heartedness and keeping the story moving smoothly.

is a story of second chances, of hearts falling in love and of losing control in a good way. Fall in love with the Hurley family and be entertained from start to finish. With a fast moving story, sinfully sexy brothers that make you melt and more, Ms. Dane delivers a pulse pounding ride from start to finish. I highly recommend you have your honey nearby or a bucket of ice handy as this book will surely get energized in m ore ways than one. I can’t wait to see what happens for the next Hurley brother and who tames that bad boy.

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