Monday, December 8, 2014

Covered Up with Catherine Lievens

Back to school favorite:  pens or notebooks?

Can I choose both? They go together after all! If I really have to choose, I’d say notebooks. I still use a lot of them, and I’m very particular about them. Every series I write has its own notebook color and I always use the same brand.

Hiking or jumping in a pile of leaves?

The second one. My son is two, so it would be something we’d do together, and I could use the excuse to act like a kid for a while.

Halloween or Thanksgiving?

This is a hard one since I live in Italy and we don’t celebrate either, although Halloween is becoming a little more known. Still, I’d have to say Thanksgiving. I love the idea of reuniting the family and eat all together. My family is very small and we live scattered around Europe, so it’s hard to see everyone, and it happens only once a year if we’re lucky. Thanksgiving would be a perfect occasion to do that if we did celebrate it.

Hot buttered rum or hot chocolate?

I actually had to google what hot buttered rum was! We don’t have it here, but I think I’d choose hot chocolate anyway. Chocolate is my guilty pleasure, and I indulge in it way too much, and too often.

Who's book (besides one of yours) are you most looking forward to reading?

I can’t wait to read Hard Head by Damon Suede. I loved Hot Head, the first one in the series, and I’d love to read about Griff and Dante again and see how the other characters do. I also look forward to every book from Charlie Richards, I always love them!

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