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BIG GIRL PANTIES by Stephanie Evanovich

William Morrow Paperbacks, January 2014
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0062224859 (ISBN13: 9780062224859)
Chick Lit

Stephanie Evanovich’s BIG GIRL PANTIES is part inspiration, part comedy and part romance.

Holly Brennan is young widow who has found comfort in food for far too long when she meets personal trainer to the pro-athletes Logan Montgomery on an uncomfortably cramped airline flight.  Feeling guilty for stereotyping his seatmate, Logan offers his services to Holly at a deep discount.

Stephanie Evanovich’s BIG GIRL PANTIES is the story of one woman’s fight from the depths of depression into the world of the living and the man who helps her get there.  The story is partly inspirational in that every woman carrying extra weight will empathize with Holly’s struggle to get in shape.  It is also partly comedic in that Holly uses humor to cover her emotional discomfort.  And lastly, this story is a romance.  This reader had mixed emotions going into this story as weight has always been an ongoing battle for me as well.  Holly is determined to pull herself out of her self-imposed exile from the world of the living and attacks her “rebirth” with a gusto this reader has to applaud.  Logan is a very educated and trained trainer who knows just how to motivate Holly, even though he has a real problem “fat women”.  As their training sessions start to see progress, their friendship builds and eventually, reluctantly on Logan’s part, turns to romance.  This is the point where the story sort of lost me.  Logan may be good at what he does, but he is also, at least for most of the book, shallow and judgmental.  It isn’t until he decides to get over the fact that he is romantically interested in a “fatty” even though this woman has lost half her body weight; that the story becomes a romance that really had to be forced into the story and frankly, it wasn’t a good fit.  The love scenes were unnecessary and stale.

The secondary characters with the spanking fetish were interesting and added to the comedy of the book; but was the author’s peek into their bedroom antics really relevant to the storyline?  I think not.

In the end, Stephanie Evanovich’s BIG GIRL PANTIES left a sour note in this reader’s mouth.  That Holly and Logan end up together in the end was not the high point it was supposed to be.  And the attempt to pull in readers with a touch of BDSM was really nothing short of annoying.  There have got to be better books out there than BIG GIRL PANTIES.  There just have to be.

Reviewed by T. Barringer

"This is an objective review and not an endorsement of this book."

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