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MAGIC BREAKS by Ilona Andrews

A Kate Daniels Novel
Penguin Random House
July 29th, 2014
Urban Fantasy/Paranormal
Reviewed by Dawn (
Obtained by Library
5 hearts

For Kate Daniels, being the consort to the Beast Lord and trying to not get her friends and family killed is a work in progress. Struggling to keep her business, Cutting Edge Investigations, afloat, she is preparing to go against her father, Roland, an ancient being with almost god-like powers and so very hard to kill. The war that is coming has stretched Kate’s nerves very thin and now when Hugh, Roland’s Iron Dogs commander and determined to have Kate regardless if she agrees or not, has found her and the pack. Now the race is on when Kate must solve a murder, stay away from Roland and stay alive within the next 24 hours or else all she holds dear will go up in flames and destroyed. Can Kate find her way with pressure looming from the Pack, her father and more? Will Hugh and Roland be able to capture Kate and make her into what they desire from her? Can her love for Curran hold fast as the danger mounts? Get ready as Kate thrusts head long into danger as she tries to keep her people alive as well as avoid a war.

My lord, author Ilona Andrews delivers a fast paced, ‘OH MY GOD’ story in the Kate Daniels series that literally shakes you to the bone. The latest installment in the Kate Daniels series is one of those books you just can not put down. It had humor, action, romance and more all within the three hundred plus pages that leave you breathless from start to finish. Everything about this pivotal story gave me goose bumps. From the opening with Kate and Ascanio going after a bunnycat to the scenes where Kate struggles to do the right thing even if she gets hurt in the process to the climatic ending where the world of Kate Daniels changes in a heartbeat. Each scene in of itself is very good separately but put together, these story just plain rocks.  With each flip of the page, I felt transfixed as the reader is along for the ride with Kate and all these great characters Ilona Andrews has created. The introduction is pure perfection and delivered a moment where I was panicking this was the end of the series and was relieved to see it wasn’t. Just like other long series (Kenyon’s Dark Hunters, Ward’s BDB, etc), the author delivers a story that is all about choices and changes, some changes that were not even a good change. I don’t want to give much of the story away as it has many twists and turns that left my jaw agape and feverishly flipping pages to see what happens next.

The best thing about these books is we get several sub-plots going on at the same time that is seamlessly woven into the main storyline. That it isn’t a jumbled mess is a testament to this author’s masterful storytelling and writing.  You get complex characters that are at times vulnerable, multi-dimensional and very entertaining along with a fast paced story that keeps the reader glued to the pages till the very end. With each book in this series, the characters have grown, changed and delivered in a way that I can’t say I loved or hated the most. By far, all the characters have stolen a piece of my heart in some degree or another. The best part of MAGIC BREAKS in my opinion is how the author keeps the storyline from getting so heavy with a few light hearted moments that either had me laughing hysterically or smiling from some of the scenes. The story doesn’t get bogged down with one or the other. It is balanced very nicely and kept me glued to the pages till the very end.

MAGIC BREAKS is a story that all the other books in the series have been leading up to and what happens in the ending will leave you with chills as well as a few shocked looks as Kate. Curran and others find their way in a world that is becoming increasingly more dangerous as time goes by. Enemies, friends, lovers and family all play their parts in MAGIC BREAKS and that for me; this was truly a work of art from start to finish. Ilona Andrews is a writer that has always given me my money’s worth and more with their books and their latest installment in the Kate Daniels series is by far one of the best they have written. If you have not tried this series, I urge you to run-not walk-to grab it because you will fall in love with Kate, Curran and everyone else in the series by the time you hit book three. I do caution you that you must read these in order so you can see what happened to lead Kate to the pivotal moments in MAGIC BREAKS. Now all I can say is when will the next book be out?

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