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A Wanted Men Novel #2
Montlake Romance, March 2015
Obtained via:  publisher
ISBN-13:  978-1477827833
ISBN 10:  1477827838
*** 1/2


The second book in Nancy Haviland’s Wanted Men series, THE SALVATION OF VENGEANCE is a good combination of Russian mobsters, motorcycle gangs and an abusive husband that undeniably deserves what he got.

Nika Paynne has been in an abusive marriage since the day she was blackmailed into it in order to keep her brother out of prison.  She has told no one why she married; not her motorcycle club-member brother, and not even her best friend who she shares everything with.  Now she is in town for the wedding of her best friend to mob boss Gabriel Moretti and Nika is determined to find the evidence against her brother and finally leave her husband once and for all.  And if she happens to get a chance to see the sexy mob enforcer Vincente Romani again; all the better.

Nancy Haviland does a wonderful job of bringing to life Nika’s dark and abusive life with her husband and the endless emotional hole she finds herself in.  Although this reader has a difficult time understanding why anyone would suffer that kind of constant abuse when simply telling either her brother, the motorcycle gang member fully capable of taking care of the problem, or her closest, best friend in the world, who just happens to be both related to the Russian mob and is marrying a Russian mobster who is also quite capable of taking care of the problem, is beyond me.  However, once you get past that obviously missed opportunity, the story is really quite good.

Nike is actually a very strong and determined woman whose only concern seems to be protecting her brother.  Vincente, the hero of this story, believes he is unworthy of Nika but has spent the past year thinking of her.  Two tortured souls coming together always make for good romance.  And what is it about Russian mobsters that draw this reader in again and again.  Simply love them.

Nancy Haviland’s second Wanted Men novel, THE SALVATION OF VENGEANCE is action packed, with equal parts depravity and sexy Russians.  This series is definitely worth the read.

Reviewed by T. Barringer

"This is an objective review and not an endorsement of this book."

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