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A Cynster Novel
February 24th, 2015
Historical Romance, Mystery/Suspense
ARC Paperback
Reviewed by Dawn (
Obtained by Publisher
4.5 Hearts

For Thomas Carrick, going back to his family’s estate was not in question. He made a life for himself in Glasgow and so what if he is drawn to Lucilla Cynster, he was determined to live his life on his own terms. Until he receives two missives from the estate that has him wondering what is going on and when he arrives there, he is reluctant to involve Lucille.

Lucilla Cynster knows what she wants and she wants Thomas. He is her fated mate, her love and she is determined to show him that the connection that flares whenever they are together is the right thing for him and for her. She is determined to fight for their future and will do whatever is necessary to show Thomas that they belong to one another. When things go from simmering into boiling, it will take a strong heart to deal with the ramifications. But will Lucille get her man or will Thomas walk away from her like he has before, finally shattering her heart forever?

Stephanie Laurens Cynster Family series was one of my favorites to read years ago and as I moved onto other genres, I always thought of fondness over these wonderful characters and in her latest addition to the series, she takes the reader to the next generation of Cynsters. Get ready for one wild ride, my friends.

I haven’t read one of the books in the series in years so it was a welcome reintroduction to the series with this new book. I loved how the author just pulls you into the story, letting your imagination take flight with her descriptive scenery and lyrical prose. What make this book so enjoyable were the characters. We got to meet Thomas and his wild family, Lucille, her twin brother, Marcus and others that move the story along and give depth to the story as well. They are so well written and quite enjoyable to read about. I loved the connection between Thomas and Lucilla. You could see the sparks fly between these two right from the start. These two just fit together but of course you need to know their path to love and acceptance of that love was not without peril. The mystery/suspense portion of the story was winding it’s way through the story, keeping my interest as I tried to figure out what was causing all the trouble at Thomas’s family’s estate and the answer to those issues will keep you on the edge of your seat.

THE TEMPTING OF THOMAS CARRICK is a fast paced, wickedly wonderful read that left me glued to the pages until I finished it. I could not put this one down, even to go to bed. I just had to find out if Thomas and Lucille get their happy ever after and if the author gives clues who might be next in the next generation of Cynsters to be in love’s crosshairs. If you enjoy a wonderful well written historical romance with a hint of mystery/suspense, then you will really enjoy this latest addition to the Cynster family series. It is a stand alone story but I highly recommend going back to read from the beginning as those characters pop up every now and again in this new book. Now the question is, when can I read the next book in this entertaining series?

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