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THE INFAMOUS ROGUE by Alexandra Benedict

The Hawkins Brothers Series, Book One
July 16th, 2009
Historical Romance
Mass Market Paperback
Reviewed by Dawn (
Obtained by Publisher
3 hearts

Sophia Dawson remembers when she fell for the infamous Black Hawk. But now as she prepares to enter society, she is determined to put her past behind her and become the bride of a nobleman who knows nothing of her youthful indiscretions. Until her ex-lover comes back into the picture, a respectable sea captain but just as sinfully handsome as ever. He tempts her from her path as desire spins its web around them but for James Hawkins, Sophia is a means to revenge. She left him, abandoning their affair and he wants revenge. So as the battle of wills begins, can the strong willed beauty and sexy sea captain find a way to listen to their hearts before their battles cause them ruin?

THE INFAMOUS ROGUE begins the Hawkins brothers’ series with a delightful tale of second chance at love theme that weaves its way through the story. I haven’t really read this author before so I was eager to see where this author would take me in THE INFAMOUS ROGUE. I can happily say, she delivered a story that left me spellbound till the end. The writing was tight, story moved quickly and thou there were times where I wanted to smack the main characters a few times, overall, they were quite enjoyable.

. Ms. Benedict delivers an action packed ride from start to finish in her first book and as we meet Sophia, James and all the rest of the characters, you can’t help but wonder just what makes these wicked Hawkins brothers so tempting to women. I loved the battle of wills between Sophia and James. Both are outraged over the other’s attitude years before and the author does a great job in keeping their animosity on high as even the sparks that flare between them gets hotter. Each has an agenda and as they try to implement it, they can not help but find their lust for one another is just as hot as ever. With captivating characters, a lush setting and more, Ms. Benedict delivers a wild introduction to the Hawkins Brothers series that you can not put down. Add in some secondary characters that made me wonder if they would pop up in future books, you got a real winner here in THE INFAMOUS ROGUE.

If you enjoy a rollicking good time then I recommend this introduction to the Hawkins Brothers series. This author now has a new fan and one who is eager to plunder the backlist to see if I find anything else to enjoy.

This is an objective review and not an endorsement


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