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William Marrow
November 4th, 2014
New Adult Contemporary Fiction
Reviewed by Dawn (
Obtained by Publisher
3.5 Hearts


Georgia is still devastated by her ex’s comments she is boring, too tame, predictable, etc. She is determined to shake things up and for her first time going wild; she goes to the campus secret kink club expecting to change her image from a good girl into a naughty wild woman. Except she never anticipated running into her friend’s little brother, Logan Mulvaney. When he tells her to go home and that good girls don’t belong there, well Georgia is determined to show Logan just how much of a wild girl she is…one explosive kiss at a time.

WILD is the last book in the Ivy Chronicles and though I didn’t read book one or two (Foreplay & Tease), I am looking forward to reading those next to see where this series started. Sophie Jordan is a wonderful storyteller, be it in young adult or new adult genres. She delivers a wild pulse pounding ride from start to finish in WILD and we get to see just how much Georgia loosens up with Logan. The writing is tight; story flows smoothly and keeps the reader glued to the pages till the very end.

What really got to me was how much I fell for bad boy Logan. He is a player, no doubt about it and he makes no qualms about saying he isn’t into relationships or commitment. That is until he meets his match with Georgia then he is caught in her web as she makes him burn for more from this good girl gone bad. Georgia is a woman who is finally allowing herself to fly after years of being told she is one thing or another by others. She does a lot of soul searching and grows with t he story which I loved as well. They say opposites attract but for Georgia and Logan, it’s downright explosive. These two threw off enough sparks to make me wonder if my book was going to go up in flames! They are quite enjoyable to read and very well written. There was a nice balance of steamy and sweet scenes that had me thrilled it wasn’t all about the sex aspect of their relationship but the journey to their true selves.

Author Sophie Jordan really knows how to keep her readers glued to the pages and with WILD it is no different. She has a way of creating characters that just resonate with her readers and in WILD it is no different. I do know I can’t wait to see how Logan got to his story from the first book, Foreplay. If you enjoy a sexy read filled with intriguing characters, heart pounding storyline and some sinfully sexy scenes, then grab the Ivy Chronicles and settle in for an entertaining time! I look forward to seeing where this author goes next.

This is an objective review and not an endorsement.

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