Thursday, April 16, 2015

BE AFRAID by Mary Burton

May 2015
Romantic Suspense, Thriller/Mystery
Paperback ARC
Reviewed by Dawn (
Obtained by Publisher
4 Hearts

On leave from her job in the Boston Police Department, Forensic Artist Jenna Thompson returns to Nashville to think on where she wants to go in her career and try to figure out the hazy memories that surround her even as closure in that is not even close. Detective Rick Morgan is a man determined to solve a baffling crime and he needs Jenna’s help. With murders piling up, it will take the combined help of Jenna as well as Rick to bring justice to the victims as well as closing a case that dates far back to the time of Jenna Thompson’s childhood. The question is can they catch a killer before they strike next?

I got to admit I loved the first book, Cover Your Eyes, and I found BE AFRAID a worthy sequel to enjoy. The pace is fast; writing top notch and the storyline twists and turns as it weaves a spell around you. Ms. Burton delivers a wild ride from start to finish and as the reader is drawn deeper into this author’s web, they will be surprised as I was who was the murderer and just how much Jenna’s memories will help Rick close the latest string of murders.

We met Rick Morgan in Cover Your Eyes as well as his siblings (Deke, Alex and Georgia). This time we find Rick as well as his retired police dog, Tracker, back in the field as they try to get a handle on a string of murders that cause Rick a major headache even as he is drawn to the forensic artist Jenna Thompson. I loved seeing Rick in th e spotlight as well as Jenna making him learn to live again. Both characters are drawn to one another even as they dance around their attraction. The sparks fly fast and furious between them even as the dead bodies start to pile up, with no end in sight. With the right amount of toughness and vulnerability, Ms. Burton delivers two strong characters who compliment one another. I loved that both Jenna and Rick were independent yet vulnerable. They had issues from their past even as their future looked murky at best. The secondary characters were just as intriguing as well as diverse. All the characters were well written and enjoyable to read.

BE AFRAID left me reeling from start to finish with an ending that had my jaw dropping in shock and I, for one, can not wait to see who is next in the Morgan siblings to find them in the crossfire while trying to navigate murder and relationships. I give Ms. Burton kudos for creating a great series and one I am eager to continue to read. I am now looking to see just what else this author has in her backlist to read while I await the next Morgan book to devour.

This is an objective review and not an endorsement

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