Monday, June 15, 2015

A NEW HOPE by Robyn Carr

A Thunder Point Novel
Publisher:    Mira
Published:   June 30, 2015
ISBN:     978-0778317876
Genre:   Contemporary Romance
Format:  Print
Obtained via:  Publicist
Reviewed by name and email address:  Gina


When Ginger Dysart arrived in Thunder Point several months ago she thought her world had ended.  With the death of her baby son to SIDs she had nothing to live for.  Her no-nonsense aunt Rae Ann had had her own ups and downs and with how much she loved her niece, not just invited Ginger to come to Thunder Point, she insisted.  Once there, unable to ignore the warmth and caring people of the town Ginger began to move on.  Not that she would ever forget, but that she needed to live her life day by day.  She took a job in Grace’s flower shop and quickly found an emotionally comfortable place in the town.  With a job and new friends Ginger began to find her way out of the darkness.  So much so that despite her own failed marriage she agrees to help Grace with flowers for their friend Peyton Lacoumette’s wedding.  

The wedding is beautiful and for a time Ginger is able to forget her heartache and she dances and enjoys the event.  That is, until, one of the guests, a very drunk guest, stumbles up to her and insists she dance with him.  The guy can’t even stand and he wants to dance!  And then he reaches for her and instead of her arm he grabs her breast.  Incensed Ginger hauls off the belts him, knocking him out.  With that she’s ready to go home.

Thing is the guy she knocked out is the bride’s brother, Matt. 

Matt Locoumette has never had a problem with women.  Then again, part of his problem is women.  He likes them, maybe a little too much and not for very long.  At least that is the image Matt projects.  Deep down, however, Matt has been hurt, hurt by something he doesn’t think he will ever get past.  Full of remorse at his actions he travels to Thunder Point to apologize to Ginger.  There is learns that maybe life is worth living and that maybe it won’t be so bad to try again.

I’ve loved Robyn Carr’s Thunder Point series from the very first.  Just when I think she has reached the top in these stories she takes another turn and delivers an even more amazing story.  In each of the books she has taken on a societal issue – be it escape from an oppressive cult, an abusive marriage, a tragic death or teens growing up she weaves emotionally satisfying, realistic stories with, as the title of her latest, A NEW HOPE, speaks to the hope of life itself.  In A NEW HOPE she takes on the dual issues of SIDs death in an infant and abortion and how they can affect not just the parents, but the people around them.  She delves into how these events can tear a family apart and how it takes great courage and strength for someone to open their heart to loving again.

The series does not have to be read in order – Carr provides a well done backstory in each book that reveals just enough for the reader to feel included in the Thunder Point community without rehashing an entire story for those that haven’t read the earlier books.  That said, this is one series you where you do not want to miss a story.

This is an objective review and not an endorsement of this book.

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