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A NEW HOPE by Robyn Carr

A Thunder Point Novel, Book 8
June 30th, 2015
Contemporary Romance
Paperback ARC
Reviewed by Dawn (
Obtained by Publisher
4 Hearts

After losing her child and getting a divorce, Ginger Dysart was lost amid the grief she felt. Enter in her aunt Ray Anne and the peace of Thunder Point. She is making friends, has a good job at the flower shop and is excited to be able to help out at the big Lacoumette wedding. She was having fun until Matt, the bride’s brother shows up, drunk and tries to make a pass at her. Ginger, filled with embarrassment, flees back to Thunder Point. She knows she won’t see Matt again and all is well in her world until Matt shows up at the flower shop, contrite and full of apologies. When he asks her to dinner as part of his heartfelt apology, Ginger finds a man who is just as wounded as she was. But when their friendship turns to passion and love, can these two wounded hearts let go of the past in order to have a future with one another?

I got to admit Ms. Carr delivers another wonderful tale set in Oregon’s Thunder Point. I just love this series and always devour the new books when they are released. This is an author who has a way with words, capturing the characters strengths and weaknesses perfectly as well as the setting of Thunder Point. I am so hoping this place is real because her descriptions of the place and surrounding area are just awe inspiring. I want to yell ‘ROAD TRIP’ each time I read one of the Thunder Point novels. The writing is superb and the author clearly knows her series. In A NEW HOPE we get some new faces as well as a few familiar ones popping in as well.

Meet Ginger and Matt. Two lost and wounded souls that are just trying to heal their broken hearts. Ginger just blooms in A NEW HOPE. She finds herself healing amid the lovely townspeople of Thunder Point and I couldn’t help but love her. She learns how to deal with her grief as she makes new friends and finds the woman she was meant to be. Matt on the other hand is bitter over his short lived marriage and subsequent divorce. He is intense, intelligent and a farmer, though this farmer has master degrees and teaches at local college at times. When these two meet after that awkward first meeting, the sparks just sizzle between them. I loved how they complemented each other and Ginger didn’t take any crap from Matt later in the book. These are well rounded, well written characters that just jump off the page and into your living room. This is an author who knows how to create complex and enjoyable characters to fall in love with. They are just like you and me, with fallible, vulnerabilities and more. I also loved how the author incorporates past character storylines into the new books. It was nice to revisit old friends and see how they are doing after their story was all done.

A NEW HOPE is more than the classic boy meets girl, they fall in love and live happily ever after. This is a story of two wounded hearts yearning to be loved, of letting go of the past and making darn sure your future is just as bright. I got to admit now I want the next book in this magical series. If you enjoy small town romances with characters that brim with life and romance that fairly sizzles the pages, then give Robyn Carr’s Thunder Point series a chance. You just might find that perfect beach read to devour.

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