Sunday, July 26, 2015

THE SILENCED by Heather Graham

Krewe of Hunters Novel, Book 15
June 30th, 2015
Mystery/Contemporary/Romantic Suspense
Reviewed by Dawn (
Obtained by Publisher
3.5 Hearts

Lara Mayhew is a congressman’s media assistant and passionate about politics. When her friend, new FBI agent Meg Murray finds out she disappeared after leaving a cryptic message on her phone, she grows worried. Add in there are bodies fitting Lara’s description that are popping up in local rivers. As the days go by, Meg worries that this terrible serial killer has got Lara. When Meg is assigned to the elite and unusual group, Krewe of Hunters, Meg finds a group of agents with different abilities and alongside agent Matt Bosworth, Meg finds out that someone will silence anyone who gets in their way. Can Meg, Matt and the Krewe find Lara and figure out what is going on before the truth hits the fans? Will a political conspiracy destroy another person?

I love heather Graham’s Krewe of Hunters series but lately she seems to keep adding more and more characters to the group. It felt like I should keep a scorecard of who is where in the Krewe. With that said, I have to admit THE SILENCED is pure reading enjoyment on a lazy summer afternoon. We get caught up with the main group of the Krewe of Hunters, in the heart of Washington DC, where they are based. I loved seeing Jackson Crowe, Adam Harrison and the rest of the original group before it snaked off to other areas in the country where other groups of the Krewes are. The setting with Washington DC as backdrop and the political issues play a part in the storyline but it also has history. The battles of Gettysburg, Harpers Ferry and more also play out as readers’ race alongside Meg and Matt as they search for clues to Lara’s disappearance as well as to the brutal murders. Ms. Graham does a great job with the many different characters as they had defined jobs throughout and the story keeps its center on Meg and Matt as well as their search for Lara. The different players kept the story moving smoothly and fluidly, with no lags in the storyline to get distracted by.

THE SILENCED is a perfect addition to the Krewe of Hunters series and I applaud this author as she delivers another spellbinding story filled with suspense, history and more to entertain the reader. What I love the most about this series is how the author incorporates the history into the storyline. It gives me chills as I read about times gone by and more that played into the mystery as well. Add in some new characters such as Matt and Meg as well as this adorable dog aptly named Killer and villain that left me guessing who they may be…well I found that last chapter to be one I couldn’t put down, even to go to bed. I just had to know who the killer was and why they did it. Ms. Graham is a prolific author who delivers a perfect summer beach read to enjoy in THE SILENCED. You don’t have to read the other Krewe novels to get a sense of the players. The author does a good job in explaining who they are and whatnot within the story so a reader won’t be lost. Overall, THE SILENCED is one of those books if you enjoy history, mystery and a little romance then this series is perfect for you to enjoy. I can’t wait to see where the author goes next in her next Krewe of Hunters book.

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