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THE DEAD PLAY ON by Heather Graham

A Cafferty & Quinn Novel, Book 3
March 31st, 2015
Mystery, Contemporary, Thriller
Reviewed by Dawn (
Obtained by Publisher via Netgalley
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In the heart of New Orleans, someone or something is murdering the musicians, the murderer searching for something these musicians had. But Arnie Watson looked like a suicide and when his friend, Tyler, plays his sax, he finds he sees the death of his friend. Shaken, Tyler runs to Danni Cafferty and Michael Quinn, two people who he thinks may be able elp him. For if Tyler goes to the police, he thinks they would laugh their butts off after hearing his story.

Dani and Michael find Tyler’s story not so strange especially after finding out about the murders of other musicians. Now it is a race against the clock as Cafferty & Quinn try to find the answers to the murders and stay one step ahead of the killer. Because time is running out as the killer moves in for his final kill in order to get what he wants.

I got to admit I really enjoy Heather Graham’s Cafferty & Quinn novels. They are a little bit mystery, a little bit paranormal and set in one fantastic city of New Orleans. In this latest addition to the series, the author delves into the heart of New Orleans with its musicians and how they are being killed. I liked how the author keeps the spirit of New Orleans alive through out the whole book. She really delves deep into the music scene there and you find that you can’t help but want to go hear these great performers. She really gets into the jazz scene down there and the readers are drawn into that world one page after another. I love reading about New Orleans as it has that old world flavor and charm that just appeals to me and how this author weaves the myths and legends about it into her series books. This is an author who knows her history and this town. That right there sealed the bill in enjoying this series as a whole. With each book in the series, she delivers an engrossing story to get lost within and characters that are so well written, you feel like you could walk down into the French Quarter in New Orleans and meet them for coffee. The story flows smoothly and at a nice even pace that had me flipping the pages to see who or what is killing these talented people.

Meet Danni Cafferty & Michael Quinn. Partners and lovers, these two are trying to find the balance in their relationship and boy is it hard, especially for Michael to let Danni be the independent woman she is. He has got quite a protectiveness that bordered on over protectiveness at times. Those scenes had me wanting to smack some sense into him as Danni tried to get him to see her point of view. These two made a name for themselves by solving some more of the unusual crimes in New Orleans and when Tyler comes with this weird tale, well let’s just say from then on the reader will be taken on a ride of their lives alongside Danni, Michael and their friends. All the characters are well written, multi-dimensional and fairly step off the pages and into your room. Their voices in the DEAD PLAY ON are quite distinctive yet never overshadow one another in the book. Rather it complements the story perfectly as we get some different point of views even as a killer starts his spree killing to gain what he feels is his and his alone.

THE DEAD PLAY ON is a wonderful addition to the Cafferty & Quinn series with the author’s trademark writing style, her penchant for history mixed in with real life and a mystery that will leave you guessing until the end who the killer is. After I finished this latest addition in the series, I really wanted to know when book four is coming out. Such a great summer beach read that I can’t help but to read again, this time as I laze around the pool and get lost in the magic of Heather Graham.

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