Tuesday, August 25, 2015

FALLING HARD (Bad Boys Undercover #2) by Helenkay Dimon


Publisher:  Avon Books
Date published:  May 26, 2015
ISBN:  978-0-06-233007-9
Romance/Romantic Suspense
Reviewed by Lynne
Obtained via publisher
Rating:  5

Bad boy, Weston Brown, a former Marine, on assignment with the black ops force known as the Alliance, is back where he doesn’t want to be.  In Pakistan.  But he goes back out on assignment, pulled into his deadliest operation yet.

Lexi Palmer has been working with her father in a medical clinic in Skardu, Pakistan, where they focus mainly on helping those with mountain climbing injuries.  Brown’s job is to bring Lexi’s father safely home, after Alliance has been informed about illegal arms movements in Pakistan.  Unfortunately, the doctor is nowhere to be found when Brown arrives.  It is then he must rescue Lexi and get her safely away.  But the problem is, who does he trust, since Lexi is friends with questionable men from Pakistan?

Lexi has been asking too many questions and has drawn the wrong kind of attention.  When Brown arrives, she is drawn to his quiet, yet tough guy manner, completely opposite her usual type of men.  The attraction is mutual, but West knows he has a mission to complete and fights his feelings.  His killing machine reputation has kicked in, so he has only one thing on his mind.  Keep Lexi safe by his side and from a killer who leaves no loose ends behind. 

FALLING HARD (Bad Boys Undercover #2) by Helenkay Dimon is an exciting, riveting, fast-paced novel full of suspense, primal passion, and intrigue of the deadliest kind.  It is a stand-alone book that will keep the reader on her toes as each page leads the reader along brutal terrain and through various bad guys and battles.

Bad boy, Weston Brown, is the sort of hero that any woman would want protecting her.  He is handsome, rugged, well-built, and good at what he does.  It is no wonder Lexi is so attracted to him. 

Lexi is a strong heroine who knows her own mind, has her own set of skills, and knows exactly what she wants.  Plus, she doesn’t take garbage from any man, which West seems to admire about her.

The intimacy between West and Lexi is tastefully executed, and it is clear how strong the feelings are between the two, even amidst the danger they are in.
I also like the other members of the Alliance team, who care about West and Lexi enough to involve themselves in their business.  When West shows his vulnerable side, it is then one senses the honesty of his true feelings for Lexi, even if he doesn’t come right out and say it.

The real bad guys in Dimon’s FALLING HARD (Bad Boys Undercover #2) create enough friction and conflict in this story to keep one rooting for West and Lexi.  It is interesting how Dimon keeps one guessing as to just how much torture West can take or just how well he can act when around all the bad guys.

Dimon is a strong, talented writer who does well in blending passion, suspense, and excitement into FALLING HARD (Bad Boys Undercover #2).  The plot and fast-paced twists and turns of this story add to the tension, both sexual and otherwise, in this enjoyable read.  If one is looking for a different sort of summer read, then I would recommend FALLING HARD (Bad Boys Undercover #2) by Helenkay Dimon.  It is well written and a whole lot of fun.


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