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A Princess Diaries Novel, Vol. 11
William Morrow
June 2nd, 2015
Contemporary New Adult
Reviewed by Dawn (
Obtained by Publisher
3 Hearts

Princess Mia has graduated from college and is running her new teen center in New York City. Falling in love with Michael felt right and now after he popped the question, Mia finds herself engaged with an epic scandal on the horizon. It seems Mia’s grandmother has ‘leaked’ wedding plans and the press is having a field day. Add in scheming politicians trying to get her father off thee throne due to a royal secret that could leave Genovia with no monarchy at all. Can Princess Mia find a way to show everyone that she is ready to rule as well as wed?

I haven’t read the other Princess Diaries stories and for that alone I was a bit lost while reading ROYAL WEDDING. There places, events mentioned that happened in past books that had me confused at times and I highly recommend reading the series in order so you can get the back story, get to know all the characters, etc. Otherwise you might be as lost as I was while reading the final chapter in the Princess Diaries series. Even though I didn’t have the background of the series as I would have liked, ROYAL WEDDING was a fun and entertaining story none the less. It is written in the form of a diary so some parts of the story set as diary entries. The point of view was fixed on Mia as the reader read Mia’s observations, her thoughts, etc. It was a perfect way to do this as I got to see how Mia felt about a lot of things that were going on around her and to her. The reader gets to know Mia very well and that always scores points to me especially when there is no competing ‘voice’ per say of another character trying to take over the story. The first person POV was a perfect fit for the story and I am assuming this was how the rest of the books in the series were written as well. The reader gets to know Mia very deeply and we can empathize with her as she deals with life in the spotlight as a Princess.

The plot was very busy at times as we see Mia try to balance her public life with her desire for her personal life to be just that-personal and private. Seeing where this character struggled with that right mix of public and private was interesting to read as well as showing the reader a deeper look into Mia and her life in general. I thought focusing on Mia herself rather than some events made the story a more well rounded as well making Mia more human. Life when you are in your twenties is a time of figuring out where you are going and how to get there, I could just imagine trying to figure all that out as well as the glare of the press too. The author does a wonderful job in capturing Mia’s emotions, her reactions and her life in particular in a way that had me empathizing with her as she navigated her place in the world.

ROYAL WEDDING is a perfect ending to a series that showed the readers a princess who was much more than royalty. She was just like you and me, filled with joy, anger, happiness and more. Ms. Cabot delivers a story that the reader will truly enjoy and with a main character that will have you rooting for their happy ending to become a reality. If you enjoy a story or a series with life-like characters, a story line that is at times romantic as well as enjoyable then you should try out ROYAL WEDDING. A perfect end of summer read that will leave a smile on your face at the end.

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