Friday, October 9, 2015

LAST HIT by Jessica Clare & Jen Frederick

A Hitman Novel #1
Berkley Books, November 2013
Obtained via:  publisher
ISBN13:  9780989247962
Romantic Suspense

The first book in a new romantic suspense series from Jessica Clare and Jen Frederick, LAST HIT, is the impossible pairing of a hardened Russian hitman meeting an innocent isolated young girl and falling in love at first sight.

Nikolai has been a Russian hitman since he was a boy.  It is all he has ever known and he is the very best at it.  Daisy has been sheltered from the outside world her entire life, home-schooled and farm raised, only allowed out for brief trips to the store for groceries by her agoraphobic father.  Finally, she has gotten the strength to leave him and set off on her own to go to college.  Nikolai is doing surveillance on his last hit when he notices Daisy in the apartment across from his and can’t take his eyes off her.

CRACK!  That is the sound of the bat hitting the ball out of the ballpark – exactly where Clare & Frederick hit this one with LAST HIT.  It was everything this reader loves in a good story.  The characters were very different yet really worked together.  Daisy is so shy and awkward in social situations.  Nikolai is big, bad and scary, but not to Daisy.  To Daisy, he is simply her friend and protector.  She is his reason for living.  Neither has many social skills and when they attempt to fit in with the other college kids, the results are both amusing and sad at the same time.  Things that most people would run from, finding out your boyfriend is a hitman for example, Daisy seems to almost accept in stride.  And similarly, Nikolai accepts at face value things about Daisy that others might question.  These two characters were absolutely heartwarming.  And their story grips, pulls you in and refuses to let go.

The storyline was strong, the action constant, the characters are multifaceted and LAST HIT is the first book in the series!  The pairing of Clare and Frederick seems to be a good one.  This reader is looking forward to reading many more interesting hitman stories from this talented writing duo.  Definitely worth four stars.

Reviewed by T. Barringer

"This is an objective review and not an endorsement of this book."


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