Saturday, October 10, 2015

LAST HOPE by Jessica Clare & Jen Frederick

A Hitman Novel #4
Berkley Books, September 2015
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ISBN:  978-0-425-28153-6
Romantic Suspense

The latest Hitman novel from the talented writing team of Jessica Clare and Jen Frederick, LAST HOPE, is a fast paced romantic suspense that readers will not be able to put down.

Hand model Ava’s best friend Rose has been kidnapped by her evil boyfriend and he forces Ava into going to Lima with a satchel full of information in return for her friend’s safe return.  Unfortunately, her plane crash lands in the jungle and she is saved by one hot and very sexy man who also wants the satchel.  Rafe grew up in the worst of circumstances and has learned to survive by being a hitman.  His latest assignment is to steal some information that could bring down world governments.  Rafe and Ava both need the information.  Only one of them can have it.  Lives are on the line.  And their attraction is off the charts.

Unlike the first three stories in his series, LAST HOPE leaves the college campus and moves into the jungles of Lima.  Ava has always been second fiddle to her best friend Rose.  While Rose is a famous model, Ave is a less in demand hand model.  She is the mother hen of the group.  So when she meets Rafe and the attraction kicks in, she is surprised by his interest in her.  She is also very intrigued by him.  He is strong, sexy, assured and she feels safe with him, but Rafe has demons of his own that he carries with him and they only serve to make him more interesting to Ava.  As these two race through the jungle trying to save the world while bad guys are looking to end their lives for the satchel’s contents, the action amplifies, the jungle swelters and the characters steam up the pages.

Jessica Clare and Jen Frederick have penned yet another explosive romantic suspense in LAST HOPE, their latest Hitman novel, out in paperback this fall.  Don’t miss out on this terrific series.  If you haven’t started reading it, now is the time.

Reviewed by T. Barringer

"This is an objective review and not an endorsement of this book."


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