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KGI #10
Penguin Publishing, October 2015
Obtained via:  publisher
ISBN:  0425276996
ISBN13: 9780425276990
Contemporary Military Romance

The tenth book in Maya Banks’ KGI series, DARKEST BEFORE DAWN, is a contemporary military romance filled with fast action, misdirection, mystery and suspense.

Maya Banks is back with another fast paced military romance, DARKEST BEFORE DAWN.  This is the mysterious Hancock’s story.  Hancock never shirks his duty, but his allegiance has been in question a time or two in the past.  He has spent years working a mission when he is assigned to look after and possibly eliminate if need be, Honor, a relief worker in a war zone.  But Honor doesn’t realize Hancock isn’t her savior but her jailer and her honest goodness and need to “do the right thing” have him questioning his mission.  Now that she has cracked his emotional armor, he has to decide how to go through with sacrificing Honor for the greater good.

Others may disagree, but this reader thought DARKEST BEFORE DAWN may just be Ms. Banks best KGI novel.  Unlike so many military romances, Honor and Hancock don’t simply fall in lust as soon as they see each other.  Hancock really fights his attraction to Honor and has to trick her as part of his mission.  The deception lasts for a good part of the story and it really bothers him and his men as they genuinely like Honor.  I could not imagine how Honor and Hancock were possibly going to have a happily ever after and found the ending of the story a surprise that I really enjoyed.  This story was filled with boatloads of emotional turmoil and really complex characters.  The action was fast paced and the hook was set very early in the story.

On the negative side, Honor was a little too virtuous to believe.  There really aren’t too many, if any, women willing to be tortured and sacrificed for the greater good especially after finding out she has been betrayed by her savior.  Still, DARKEST BEFORE DAWN definitely holds reader interest throughout the story.  Kudos to Maya Banks for yet another fantastic military romance that keeps readers guessing right to the end.

Reviewed by T. Barringer

"This is an objective review and not an endorsement of this book."

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