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Black Dagger Legacy #1
Signet Books, December 2015
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ISBN:  978-0-451-47532-9
Paranormal Romance

The first of J.R. Ward’s Black Dagger Legacy books, BLOOD KISS, is the beginning of the next generation of the Brotherhood.  The war continues and new blood is needed.  The Brothers are starting to train a new class of recruits.

Paradise, daughter of the king’s First Advisor, is tired of the life of an aristocratic female and has her sights set on joining the Black Dagger Brotherhood’s training program.  She is surprised to find the classes harder than she envisioned, the recruits are less than gracious and the Brother in charge, Butch, is having some problems in his personal life.  And on top of all that, Paradise has fallen in love with a commoner who is everything she could ask for, but not at all what her father and her peers would ever want for her.  And now an act of violence threatens the entire program.

BLOOD KISS is a return to the original cast of Brothers, but this time they are preparing the next generation of fighters.  The Black Dagger Brotherhood stories have been extremely successful for J.R. Ward, but have also expanded the cast of characters to the extent that the original cast is not exactly front and center any longer.  In her new Legacy series, Ward has the original cast training the new generation as they mature and fall in love with their own shellans.  As with prior books, BLOOD KISS has a lot of violence, blood and sex.  Paradise and Craeg are wonderful together.  Craeg knows as a commoner that he and Paradise don’t have a future, and that is before he realizes exactly who she is, so readers will definitely look forward to seeing how they manage to turn that around.  One of the things I enjoyed most in this story was the way the characters fought their inevitable love.  Sex was not the immediate solution; in fact, there really wasn’t all that much of it until the end of the book when a whole lot of revelations are made.  And while this romance is brewing at the training school, Brother Butch is dealing with personal problems himself.  He and his shellan are unable to fully connect these days and he knows the problem in his.

Paranormal romance fans are sure to enjoy BLOOD KISS, the first in J.R. Ward’s new Black Dagger Legacy series.  This story is fast paced, exciting and showcases not one but two fabulous couples.  This reader is very much looking forward to the next story in this promising series.

Reviewed by T. Barringer

"This is an objective review and not an endorsement of this book."

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