Tuesday, December 8, 2015


Publisher: Harper Collins 
Date published: 8/25/2015
ISBN: 9780062356529
Paranormal Romance
Reviewed by Gabrielle (meingee@yahoo.com)
Obtained via publisher
Rating: 4 Hearts

I was excited to revisit the wonderful world that Sandra Hill has created in this series. Viking and Angels who would have thought to put those two together and turn them into vampires?
This book gives us Harek and Camille’s story. Harek used to be a greedy man and a slave trader and is now paying for his sins and fighting for good. Along comes Camille into his life and she turns it all upside down. As the two work together on a mission their emotions begin to come to the forefront. Can the two work together and finish the mission or will evil get away with what it is planning?
I loved seeing Camille and Harek find their way. The two are evenly matched and watching their relationship take shape made for a great read. Their story is full of romance and action and of course the humor that this author’s books are known for. Not only do Camille and Harek have something to say but the supporting characters also want to have their say.

Harek is a great character. He is not perfect, in fact he still has a problem controlling his greed. Yet we know deep down that he is a good man and he wants to do what is right. Camille is a strong woman ready to take on the world and that is just what she does. The two make a great couple. The sparks ignite between the two right from the start and quickly turn into something more. Camille and Harek fight their attraction as hard as they can but love will not be denied.
This is a fast paced and fun read with great characters and a good plot. I found myself laughing out loud at times. How could you not with some of the things that Harek and the other characters come up with? I can only imagine what goes on in the brain of a vampire/viking/angel. That thought alone grabs your attention. Each one of these men have their own personalities and Harek a big one.
This book is part of a series and although it can be read without the others, it would be better enjoyed by reading the series in order to fully understand the world and its inhabitants and nuances. I had a great time while immersed in this story and cannot wait for the next brother’s story. I hope that the adventures of this world continue for some time.
This is an objective review and not an endorsement of this book.

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