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GHOST KILLER by Robin D. Owens

A Ghost Seer Novel, Book Three
Berkley Sensation
February 3rd, 2015
Paranormal Romance
Mass Market Paperback
Reviewed by Dawn (
Obtained by Publisher
3 Hearts

Clare Cermack has been trying to get a handle on her new found gift to help ghosts but it has been tough the last few weeks. With two cases under her belt, she now finds herself facing a threat that just might kill her for real.

An evil ghost is determined to devour the spirit of a little boy and it is up to Clare as well as her sidekick, Enzo and her lover, Zach to figure the ghost’s identity as well as how to use an ancestral weapon in order to slay it. But as danger mounts against Clare, it will take all that she knows as well as the support from her friends to stay alive as they battle this strong ghost because if she fails, it won’t be just her spirit that will be gone but also the little boy’s and Zach’s as well.

I enjoy this author’s work immensely and the first two books in the series but GHOST KILLER were a little hard to get into. I think it had to do with the main character overall. Clare and Zach whined-A LOT! It got to the point where I wanted to smack them both upside the head and tell them to man up. Zach was the ultimate alpha male in that he was determined to protect Clare even if she didn’t want or need it. He annoyed me to no end when he was like that which he was in half the book. I get that he wanted to protect her but did he have to go all cavemen like and decide he was going to do her job for her? That right there left me wanting to stop reading because face it, when the main characters are at odds and just don’t connect with me all the way, I find myself putting the book down many times because I get overly annoyed with them. Clare did the whole ‘poor me, I can’t do this’ sort of thing and that got old quick. I really got it. Clare had this gift of helping ghosts from a certain time period thrust upon her but after a time, you have to adjust to it and stop doing the whole poor me routine. I seriously wanted to slap her silly several times. The constant power struggle between her and Zach towards the end was annoying as well. When I am reading of two people who can’t seem to communicate, well let’s just say a lot of muttering goes on under my breath. The secondary characters were good. I liked knowing more about Desiree and Tony Rickman. Desiree especially seemed to be more than what was portrayed and I am eager to see where she pops up next in the series.

GHOST KILLER takes place just a few days/week after Ghost Layer and is a fast paced ride from start to finish. The author captures the spirit of the west perfectly and gives us clues into who was the ghost killer is that intrigued me. With the issues I had with the main characters overall, it didn’t dampen my enjoyment of the book or the story itself. I loved Enzo, Clare’s ghost sidekick dog. His comments had me smiling at times & gave a bit of lightheartedness that was greatly needed in the story. The world building is good and the author does a great job in capturing the ghost psychic gift perfectly within the pages of GHOST KILLER. If you enjoy a unique take on a paranormal romance and ghosts then you will enjoy the Ghost Seer series. I am not sure if I will continue with the series or not. I am still on the fence after reading this third book but if you are looking for something different to read in the paranormal or urban fantasy genre, you might want to take a look at the Ghost Seer series.

This is an objective review and not an endorsement

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